Suggestions for app play #Raja

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Just my suggestions on improving the app..

1) set a limit for auto spin mode. E.g,  15  spins, 25, 50, so on. Do not continue spinning if you ran out of the coins.

2) remove the notification pop ups for the 'event', it will stops all auto play. Very hassle for those who are busy and have to keep track all the time.

3) launching VIP systems and payback systems. E.g purchase coins will give you certain VIP card. And VIP cards will give you daily free coins depending on your level. 

Payback systems like 0.1% of your daily turnover.

4) lighting link jackpots should be implemented. Spins will randomly trigger lighting link jackpot.

5) team chat function should be listed ontop of banner bar. 

6) shop to purchase gifts cards such as 10% winning rate for 5 minutes, experience card for leveling, 

5% increased chances of triggering 


Please do not "boom booom boomed", me for my english and suggestions.



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