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My Betting Tips for The Big Jackpot Slot App

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This my Betting Tip for the Big Jackpot slot App. I only bet 25 million coins. I use to bet 1Q coins and I always went broke and had to ask for coins. After I asked for Coins I was told this would be the last time. That I would not get anymore coins for now and then I was also told to bet at 25 million coins. I took that advice and ran with it. I'm doing much better playing the Big Jackpot Slot App. I would tell anybody and even new people playing the Big Jackpot Slot App keep your bet low at 25 million coins and if you feel lucky then do a 1q bet but be careful not to over do it with the 1q bet or you will go broke. Let me know how much you bet when you play the Big Jackpot Slot App Thanks and Have fun playing 

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