Guest Gary TBJ

What resort have you suffered your worst all time loss at?

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Red Rock Station Casino tight tight tight!!!

Sunset Station I've walked out with close to $4000.00 with a few hours play. The machines do get tight though.

Green Valley Ranch Casino has been my go too Station Casino. I've walked away with $10,000+ in Handpays.

I lived in Henderson for a year writing advertisements Radio/Commercial Spots for a large client on the strip. Miss living in Henderson. 

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I drove tractor trailer across country for years. I went to a riverboat in St. Louis I think. I lost from the first bet to the last. I felt like we all feel when we have been beat, all I wanted to do was to get out of there. The boat didn't actually go up and down the river it is moored there all the time. They close the place for "an 8 hour cruise" where you have to stay there the full 8 hours. I could look out the window and see my truck in the parking lot but couldn't get to it as security was in charge of keeping you on the boat for the full 8 hours I guess it was some type of regulation or something. I toyed with the idea of pulling the fire alarm but would never do that. I went to security once again and under their breath I am sure they were saying here is that a**hole once again. I told them I had chest pains and asked them to call an ambulance. They took me into the back room and opened the exit door. The head of security asked if my chest felt better now? I took a step outside and said yes. I never looked back and never went back. Worse type of gambling "cruise" ever.

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