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Biggest Win on Aristocrat Technology

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Here are some of my recent wins.  We can't take pictures at my casino so I don't often get a chance before the attendants come around.

Lightning was a good one $1,902 on a $7.50 bet but the best one was the wonder 4 buffalo line hit  $972 on a $2.40 bet.  

The final one was $1785 on a $7.25 max bet.  I didn't catch the winning screen.  It was the 1st spin of 8  Super free games. The others were duds. 

I had a great couple of hits on a game called Madame X.  I think it was $18 a spin. (I was feeling rich after the Buffalo hit.)  No pics as Security was there for another handpay two games down.  I won $4,000 and when she asked me to spin again it hit for $4,200!!  Never had that happen before.  I'd like to say i left up but I "invested it into a Platinum card and unlimited free buffets, concert tickets and hotel rooms and free parking. :)  What a dufus.... But it was fun and i would do it again in a heartbeat.  My initial investment that night was only $200   They did send me $600 in free play.  It paid zero though as usual.  They need to investigate this whole free play garbage.  It HAS to be rigged.


Good luck to all!!!


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4 hours ago, Angieinsa said:

$3.68 bet Lucky Eagle Casino, Tx

won $2542 in bonus when babies came out on 7th of 8 spin. Gave me top symbol with 3X line in middle column


I won a jackpot there once, about 10 years back on a nickel machine, they seemed "surprised" someone actually won something. That place was shady back then, I've heard they cleaned up their act somewhat. I've moved from Texas since then but maybe one day I'll go see the Kickapoo folks again... Good for you on the win!!!

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good for you!!! I am sorry I missed you on the Big Jackpot! My teeth are killing me and my son had to go to the ER and dang I hope you will be there tonight Nice to see what you look like good looking guy!

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