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Progressive Wins

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Played this game and on the third spin it froze and I won 20 grand. A few hours later? The Progressive dropped again. It was unbelievable! 

There is a Link Progressive above the machine, one pays before 25 grand and one pays before 50 grand as well as machine progressives. 

This will never happen to me again lol! 



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Hi Everyone, 


I am new here so that was my first post, forgot to add that this was last at Pala Casino, San Diego in the High Roller area.

I came in kind of late on a Sunday evening. I found out later from my host that they had just had a "High Roller Event and Dinner". Therefore I think the machines were primed with a group of High Rollers. I got there at the tail end of the event. I started with 4 grand and ended up with $45,000.00 when I left. These two progressives helped lol! Anyway, I will post another few pics from the same night. I ran a lot of money through once I won the first 20 and then hit it again. I won 8 grand on one line of Cleopatra when I was about to leave. When I was waiting to be paid out, I played the games above and hit the first progressive. It was a once in a lifetime kind of night. I had over 200 grand in W-9 by the time I left. It was insane! True story, but even for me? A very rare if not a one-time story. :) Lizzybee

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