The Big Jackpot Cruise - NCL Getaway 4/22

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April 22 on the Norwegian Getaway

We are ready to start initial booking, if you want to join us and get an official offer or comp please send me the following details.

Email all info

Passenger names and DOB
main contact mailing address, phone number and email.
Your NCL Latitudes Number (if you sailed before)

If your not in the system for NCL or if there is minimal play please send the following to help get you the best deal or comp rooms.

Local Casinos rewards and players number.
Foxwoods, Total Rewards and many others have partnerships that they can easily verify play.

Cruise offers from casinos or cruise lines you get by mail.

Amy prevailing NCL offers will qualify, to make sure you can attend all the events and get all the special gifts please make sure you book with us as the prices and comps will be the same or better as you can get elsewhere.


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