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Ok...I wanted to start a conversation about tips for slotting. Here, if you find anything that can help others than please share it. 

1. If you usually play .60 on a machine try 1.20 (x2 on the bet). I know it seems like you will burn thru your money quick but if you are playing to win (and not just be there for time) then try upping your bet. 

2. Always play with your players card. No matter the amount you spend, using your players card will help with getting freebies and comps from the casino!!

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I agree,

Your first comment is only one thing that I can think of that should be considered.   What would you have to win to be satisfied and leave up?  I know so many people that will take $100 to a casino and play for $0.60 a spin.  At that amount it is very rare to get a handpay and depending on the machine, it may not be possible.  So, they wonder why they aren't "lucky".  They never win enough to leave so they play until they are broke by using the strategy of spending the least to allow them to play the longest.

I think you need to walk in there and be prepared to leave 5 minutes later.  Don't be afraid to go broke. You are going to go broke anyway, you may as well give yourself a chance to win.  Play $3.00 or $5.00 and you will eventually, maybe sooner rather than later get your first handpay.  You will win $200 to $500 fairly frequently and depending on your walk away plan, leave up.  All you need to do is be prepared to play for a shorter period of time. 

Everything else in a casino is a complete crapshoot.  There is no secret.  I have had colossal marathon nights starting with $45 and I have had 30 minute visits and back in the car $10,000 lighter.  There is no rhyme or reason for what the machines will do on any given night. 



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