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Hey Bomb Squaders. 

My name is A. P. Stephens. Been watching TBJ videos for a few months now and love what Raja and the TBJ community have been doing. Just dropping off a post to say hello. 

Other than being a slot player, I'm also a writer (having written some award-winning fantasy novels) and I also enjoy creating graphic t-shirts and stickers (mostly of retro cartoons, video games, and, more recently, gambler-related shirt designs). And I'll definitely be entering the Raja's shirt contests....and already have a couple designs finished for the new October shirt contest. 

I generally play slots at either Winstar or Choctaw (both in Oklahoma...since Texas isn't really a place for casinos). So if you want to chat about casinos in Oklahoma, television shows, movies, art, writing, or video games, hit me up for some lively conversation. 

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Hi ApStephens,

I like retro stuff myself; I used to buy and sale vintage video games for a living. I prefer rpg's myself. My 2 favorite are skyrim and zelda ocarina of time for 64. I like talking about games, movies, and Gambling. Feel free to start a topic about these on the forum. I know a couple have posted on here asking others to keep there thoughts and prayers open for those affected by the tragic incidents in Las Vegas today. I know I will.

Welcome to won.com

Hoosier Slots, Chris Hall

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