Epic night with $100

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Went up to my local about 5pm Friday 

I go straight for cash locomotive, I did well on this two months ago for 2k

playing 5c denom @ $5 got two minor jackpots on the same feature and I'm cheering now I'm up $600 and the night is just getting started. Buffalo deluxe was a bust, lost $200.

sat down on Autumn Moon 10c denom @ $5 boom $3500 it took some time but it was paying enough to keep pushing and I was only in for $100, got the major and a $1200 feature. Tried LL only cause the grand was at $30k about to drop, but after $1k down I had to move or lose.

jumped on More Chillies max betting 2c denom $6 a pull only $100 in Tito out for $1200. Moved around playing new games lost some, won some, my stomach is rumbling now and I check the time it's 1am. No dinner will do that, just caught in the moment. Left with a sore wrist and back and $2k in my pocket. Time for a macas run.

Bring on the long weekend..


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