Magic Pearl L Link Major Hit

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Went out to celebrate my sons birthday by taking him to the casino.  Had a pretty decent night.  Some wins....Would have been a great night if I had of stayed away from Big Red and Lock it Link. :(  My son hit the $1060 one.  I hit the $1305 playing 5 cents denom and the $993.50 playing a dime.



July 2017 slot 1.jpg

July 2017 slot 2.jpg

July 2017 slot 3.jpg

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Ya, talk about beginners luck. Mini Boom for my baby boy.  I gave him $100 to play while I played Timberwolf.  He wasn't even $50 in when he hit the major progressive on a $2.50 bet. Afterwards he played the timberwolf next to the donation factory I was playing and he got a bonus.  Not being greedy he chose 21 spins and retriggered FOUR TIMES!!!  I thought for sure it would end up being another handpay but it ended up with mostly dead spins amounting to about $600 almost entirely from the trigger pays.  Needless to say, now he wants to go back.  

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