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Monday 7/17 Pateron Raja Shirt Giveaway

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Here is the order for the draw on Black Widow!


Good Luck!


Karina Fhina 
Brian Pippin 
Brian Arrowood 
Antonio Frausto 
Tommy Simek 
Brian Bennett 
Phil Ridgway 
Doug Lopes 
Christopher Rodrigues 
Kyle Rotondo 
Shawn Deazy 
Anthony Lubovich 
Romeo Palacios
Laura Sasiadek 
Tyler Smith
Jo Anne Falconer 
Shannon Lutzke 
Alicia Wilcox
Shannon Lutzke 
Aaron Ferdig 
Cheryl Carreiro 
David Cohanim 
Colby Gorney
Joey Vindictive 
Brandon Papagiorgio Foley 
George Waugh 
Roberto Labbadia 
Emily Tarheel Plater
Joanne Brookes 
Brandon Mast
Jennifer DeBlasio Whitley 
Chris Coffman 
Joe Yamauchi
Patricia James Oliver 
Roberto Labbadia 
Christopher Michael
Tyler Otts 
Grant Carter
Roxzane LeDonna Rauner 
Kj Homan 
Tex Sam 
Cindy Higgins 
Paula Macca
Jennifer Guadagnini
Cyle Ross
Eileen Rose
Bn Mck 
Kimberly Kee
Jonathan Carreiro 
Philip Miletics
Bogdan Georgescu 
Brandon Taylor 
Jeffrey Densley 
Michael Jared Cioffi 
Ken Gomber
Paul Doulos 
Matthew Ditty 
Joe Yamauchi 
Mike Birnie 
Daniel Tran 
Donna Landucci-Stephens
Michelle Arp 
Scotty Too Slotty 
Gary Long 
Alex Hudock 
Tom Callaghan 
Ronnie N Olivia Valdivia 
Amanda Wilson-Fail 
Shui Sang Tseung
Jeanette Waldo 
Jeff Lau 
Joseph Patrick 
Wade Creamer 
Lindsey Clark
Tom Gage

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