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8 hours ago, Romancontos said:

Was that the lady that called security on you? She was mad cause you told her you can make like 20 bucks a video?

LOL, that was the Dr. lady.  I enjoy when Raja wins a bigjackpot without knowing it happened.  Scott would be like.. WTF happen? #BOOM! then the signature laugh :)

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My favorite was when the security guy came up and went through the whole "You can't film here" (not exact words) routine and at the end Scott asked him if he wanted a deck of cards.  That had me rolling with laughter.


My other favorite was when Raja was playing and someone asked him if he tips every jackpot and he said if you tip every jackpot, you will go broke.  Then the next video I clicked on was Raja playing at $600 a pull.  It just made me smile because as someone who is casinos a lot and tips most of the time but not every single time, it is nice to know I am not alone.  None of those folks come by as I am walking out of the casino with my tail between my legs and a moth in my wallet and offered me a $20 bill.  I realize they live on the tips and it is the proper etiquette to tip but it frustrates me when I leave a casino having lost $600 and I tipped $20 three times .... 

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