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True gambling ghost story

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This is a true story.  My wife believes me but not sure how many others will...

About 10 years ago I was playing roulette at the local Indian casino.  #17 hit on the wheel and I had $10 on it.  I was waiting for the payouts to finish and I felt someone scratch my neck.  I turned around and a very old Chinese woman was standing there.  She said to me, "last week this table hit #17 three times in a row and it's going to do it again now."

I smiled and ignored her but I let my bet ride and put more money out there.  Next spin #17 hit and she said "I told you so.  You have one chance left".  I reluctantly put $25 on all the corners, splits and straight up.  It hit again.  I turned, and she was nowhere to be seen.  She was too old to move very fast and it seriously creeped me out.  Wish I had of listened to her from the outset.  Putting $100 on all the spots would have been sweet.


I had a very strange experience once on a cruise ship.  One of the guys at the poker table said to the roulette guy "here, put $25 on #20".  It hit.  About three hours later he did the same thing and it hit.  He said he gets a feeling every now and then and I thought how nice it would be to get those feelings.  An hour later he did it again, and this was only the 3rd time he did it and I flipped $25 onto it as well.  It hit.  3 "feelings"  in a row.  Strangest thing.  Don't know the odds on that but I'm guessing 38x38x38= 1 in 54,872?  Crazy.  

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