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Hi Raja,  I tried posting this idea under the "Forum Items" section of suggestions, but could not find a way to add a post, so hopefully you'll read this!  It is said in business that the best way to get more customers is via word of mouth from satisfied customers.  With this in mind, perhaps you should consider a "Refer A Friend" contest whereby current Forum members  could send a link from this website to their friends, relatives, etc.  Those members getting the most friends to join the forum (and/or become Bomb Squad or Patreon members perhaps) within a specified period of time would receive some type of award as decided by you.  This would be a great way to spread the word and let others know about everything the Big Jackpot has to offer!  It would cost you no more than simply providing an active link to your site, making sure the recipient knows who the referral is from.  Just trying to spread the word in an effective and efficient manner!!!    BOOM!!!!

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