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Pateron Cosmo Giveaway Slot Tourny

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Here is the order for the live Facebook slot pull for the giveaway.

Everyone will recieve1 pull on 88 Fortunes, the 2 highest pay line winners take home the prize!


  1. Bethany Williams
  2. Matthew Ditty
  3. James Taylor
  4. Tommy Simek
  5. Daniel Tran
  6. Ari Ross
  7. Bn Mck
  8. Roxzane LeDonna Rauner
  9. Victoria Czech
  10. Paula Macca
  11. Christopher Rodrigues
  12. Philip Samsquanch Goodman
  13. Gary Long
  14. Miles Reeder
  15. Billy Scime
  16. Brian Bennett
  17. Tex Sam
  18. Christopher Michael
  19. Alex Hudock
  20. Jennifer DeBlasio Whitley
  21. Tim Mckeal
  22. Renee McLean
  23. Jack Sofolot
  24. Jason Lam
  25. Karina Fhina
  26. Cindy Higgins
  27. Antonio Frausto
  28. Noly Labastida
  29. Jennifer Guadagnini
  30. Jo Anne Falconer
  31. Scotty Too Slotty
  32. Shawn Deazy
  33. Vince Forestieri
  34. Mike Birnie
  35. Tracy DeMoura Dietel
  36. Erica Dufour
  37. Cyle Ross
  38. Dan Harbour
  39. Kay Boyle Smith
  40. Yvette RB
  41. Joanne Brookes

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