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  1. Hi Scott

    Let me toss another "suggestion" at you. With your growing popularity it will become an issue for the casino and its players if to many people are around you during live play...

    You play a pretty fair amount of cash, for several hours at a time, several days a week, which is rare in a Casino High Slot Room. Casino's have a lot more to gain from you than they may realize.

    See if the Casino's would be interested in putting your channel up on one or more of their monitors in the Bars, Sports Betting Area, or other Area's of the casino. Patrons can watch from these monitors and if the casino wants to make some cash ??? allow patrons to place bets with the casino's on your live play. This can help reduce crowd around the slots and the casino makes some money. This would require some sort of play schedule so the Casino can advertise "The Big Jackpot" live play events.

    Ar least suggest a "test pilot" with a casino. Say a LV Casino were you have a Casino Host that would support the idea.

    Theres ? ?? here somewhere Scott? A mutual casino relationship where you become more of an asset, and free advertising for The Big Jackpot.

  2. Scott

    With your High Rollar Status you can definitely show people places in the Casino that is privileged to you if the casino allows it.

    Dinning, Shops, Pools, etc.. would be awesome!. I would like to see you post photos of these areas with yourself, The Brain, Mr. T, Fans, & VIP Guest. "These can be  "Exclusive Photo's" to Patreon Members". Most of your Videos are posted for all to see anyway. It would be easier than carrying your video camera everywhere and... Casino's and other Patrons would be less likely to raise an eyebrow at you for taking photos not videos.

    Sit down video chats with Fans, VIP Guest etc in the Casino prior to taping to get their perspective on The Big Jackpot and other general topics. You and the gang asking them question and visa versa.  Prior to taping a video chat come up with a  (scripted format) to help the Video Chat go a smooth and to keep it interesting. 

    Special Events Videos can be anything offered Inside or Outside the casinos. In Las Vegas for example; I took a Helicopter Ride over the Las Vegas Strip at Night and video taped it. It was an awesome view. I've been to Caesar Palace's 4th of July Celebration and New Years Eve Shows! 

    Group Event; During one of your Vegas Trips or even at The Lodge or Blackhawk; Invite fans to a "Live Big Jackpot Event" where on a specific day & time you have a get together party in the afternoon. Your Casino Host can handle the arrangements! Mine did for my birthday party! You will have a minimum guest attendance for the resort, an upfront reservation fee and everyone party together for the afternoon followed with a Big Jackpot Show.

    From your tapings... you and the gang have some great stuff in the works! Contest, Trips, VIP Guest etc. Keep brainstorming ideas you guys are doing great.

    The Big Jackpot Keeping it "Reel" ??Boom??.    <---- idea for a slogan. ?


    Ps: Play Pink Diamonds for supermanstone. ?



  3. The Venitian Las Vegas! 

    I have Gold Gacie status at The Venitian. The comp rooms are not strip view there mountain view on the back side. if I upgrade to strip view it's always at a cost. 

    They only write of a percentage or portion of my room service. The Spa's are also discounted but not buy much. 

    The Venitian is tight on Comps and I find their slots tighter! 

    i stay there occasionally because I like the rooms (Strip View) atmosphere and the dinning. I generally will go elsewhere to gamble.

  4. What teams do you bet on?

    Do you play NFL Pools, Casino Bets?

    How much have you Won betting on NFL games?



    My Team.. the 49ers.

    I bet on 49er, Patroit, Seahawks, Denver games at Casinos.

    I play a $100 a square pool that covers the NFL Regular Season.  I play another $100 pool that covers the Playoffs and Super Bowl.

    I won $2,000 on a Super Bowl Game football pool.


  5. I had that same thing happen on a $10.00 Wheel of Fortune. I was walking toward the machine about ten feet from it and a lady blew passed me and sat down right in front of me. She said... "sorry but I've been waiting longer than you???" 

    Two pulls later she hit it for $10,000. The casino employee walked up to me first and said the lady was not near the machine when I was walking toward it and that she saw the women enter the area behind me and run passed me to the slot.

    Ive never done that and always wave the machine off if I walk up at the same time someone else does. There's hundreds to over a thousand machines in every casino. It's not worth the effort to argue over.......

  6. I played a Double Triple Star Slot at $50.00 a Pull at Planet Hollywood LV, for almost 3.5 hours straight. It was letting me play by feeding me hits. I racked up about $125,000 in Play and Reward Points. I went into the High Limit Slot Room with $12,000 and it was all or nothing... In the end.. I walked away with only my drink in hand but a had a Blast!!!! ?? 

    Like Raja says.. Never gamble what you don't have. Always expect to lose. This way if you Win.. BOOM!!! ??

  7. I enjoy writing Commercials and Screenplays as a Hobby. This is my Studio Office. The Movie Posters and Celeb Photos in the back ground have all been personally Autographed by the entertainers, Movie Posters and Pics. My Favorite autograph is from Mr. Jerry Lewis himself. On the floor by the printer.


  8. As a Diamond Player at Harrah's Casino's & Resorts I have recieved Top Floor Rooms, Back Stage Passes (Meet Headline Intertainment Celebs) Never Buy A Drink, Never Pay For Food, Head of Any Line in Casino, Amazing Free Cash Play & Gift Packages, Fantasic Invites to Private High Roller Events with Big Prizes including Cars.

    My Casino Host takes really good care of all my needs.