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  1. Las Vegas Sunday August 27th The Cosmo $14,000 Group Pull.

    Traveled to Las Vegas and met Scott, Brian, Tee, Jeremy, & Kelly. All were very friendly down to earth people with "Class". I watched The Big Jackpot behind the scenes during this event and they really had it together. They clearly work very hard to bring you these live big events.

    Thank you Scott & Crew for a really great Live You Tube Experience ? ??



  2. There was absolutely nothing negative or offensive in that post at all....  I was replying to the "Original Post" by Norms about the 1980's tv video intro.. and everyone else. That's what this forum is for?..

    I'm not sure where all this "anger" is coming from but I think you've taking something way to literally. 

    You have a nice day.




  3. What your describing is very similar to the intro to Shark Tank on ABC. I think most people are familure  with sequence for each Shark. Way not Scott, Brian and Tee. It could be a look of "Rich Guy" "Everyday Guy" or Satirical Humorous Guy". At the end you have a group shot of the 3 of them. I say let Scott, Brian, and Tee create their own image using all props they can think of to elevate their image for The Big Jackpot.

    Shark Tank Producers take many shots to come out with the "Filthy Rich Look" Admittedly the producers staged some of the shots behind some props not owned by the Sharks themselves. 

    It has to be Original and something the other channels haven't done! It's time for The Big Jackpot to be the Trend on You Tube...

  4. What I like most is the "High Level of Play" from Scott and that its also "Live". It keeps you on the edge of your seat and like Scott your holding your breath when a Bonus is about to hit! You find yourself routing for Scott in the comfort of your home at the same time hoping for a "Big Win"! Finally, we all wish we could play like Scott but financially not all of us can.  I cheer Scott on during live play and when asked what I'd like to see him play I usually go with one of his favorites!     ??Boom.

    What I'd like to see in future shows Scott is already working on! Visits to Casino's that I probably will never get to visit. ? I'm a Las Vegas guy, however I'm hoping to see Scott in Atlantic City. Ive never been but always wanted too!

    Whishing Scott, Crew & The Big Jackpot continued success ??

  5. If your reading this you have taken the big step and became a part of a You Tube Phenomenon. Your a Patreon Member of "The Big Jackpot".

    Here's your chance to post what you like best about the show and what you'd like to see in the future.

    Take this opportunity to tell Scott, Brain, T and the Moderators what you enjoy from all their hard work and give them a BIG Thumbs Up. ? ?

  6. Okay Folks!

    Most people have one when their gambling and I'm not talking Pink Haired Trolls at a Bingo Parlor either (but hey.. they count)! What do you take onto a casino floor that you keep close for good luck ? Man-Up (or) Woman-Up and spill it! There is no shame here RIGHT???? ? Okay!

    so.. mine is a gold crucifix. Nothing wrong with having a little "faith" on a Casino floor. Besides I'm usually saying "Holy €%# something during play so I'm thinking go with it! 

  7. Casino's offer other ways to win CASH & PRIZES ? ? ?

    Raffles, Drawings, Door Prizes, or Other.. ! How much ? ?? have you won during these special events, 

    I won an $750.00 Raffle at the Sunset Station Casino in Henderson NV and in the same evening won another $2,500.00 Door Prize Drawing for Prefferred Presidential Players. Evenings like this your in no hurry to go home..if you know what I mean ?




  8. Kyle

    Red Rock Station Casino tight tight tight!!!

    Sunset Station I've walked out with close to $4000.00 with a few hours play. The machines do get tight though.

    Green Valley Ranch Casino has been my go too Station Casino. I've walked away with $10,000+ in Handpays.

    I lived in Henderson for a year writing advertisements Radio/Commercial Spots for a large client on the strip. Miss living in Henderson. 

  9. If that's really what they sent Scott... if it were me I'd send it back saying "no thank you.. I can afford to by my own". 

    Ive sent my Casino Host $100.00 bottles of wine. He has never sent me anything less than a $100.00 gift. 

  10. I won't play a CashOut Ticket. I go to the Collect Cash Machine and get the cash.

    They say the slot does not know the difference between the ticket and the cash. But.. I seems to lose on tickets more than not.