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  2. I played a Double Triple Star Slot at $50.00 a Pull at Planet Hollywood LV, for almost 3.5 hours straight. It was letting me play by feeding me hits. I racked up about $125,000 in Play and Reward Points. I went into the High Limit Slot Room with $12,000 and it was all or nothing... In the end.. I walked away with only my drink in hand but a had a Blast!!!! ?? Like Raja says.. Never gamble what you don't have. Always expect to lose. This way if you Win.. BOOM!!! ??
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    I enjoy writing Commercials and Screenplays as a Hobby. This is my Studio Office. The Movie Posters and Celeb Photos in the back ground have all been personally Autographed by the entertainers, Movie Posters and Pics. My Favorite autograph is from Mr. Jerry Lewis himself. On the floor by the printer.
  4. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins IGT

    2017 Sunset Station Casino Henderson NV, $1,800 Jacpot DOUBLE TAP to Play Video
  5. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins IGT

    TAP VIDEO TWICE to Play 2017 Sunset Station Casino Henderson NV
  6. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins Bally

    Nice. I like the penny quick hits as well for fun. I've won $600 on them but never hit a Hand Pay on them. I like the $30 a pull High Limit Quick Hits because you can get Hand Pays on various spins without a Quick Hit.
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    Biggest Wins IGT

  8. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins ASG

  9. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins ASG

    How many of us tried it just for fun or watched someone else try it?. I've never seen a handpay on a Colossal Slot until I tried it Feb/2017 at The Sunset Station Depot Casino in Henderson NV.
  10. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins IGT

    Handpay Video $100 Top Dollar Hit and Handpay. ? "TAP TWICE TO PLAY VIDEO.
  11. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins SG Gaming

    Nice! ?
  12. Jeff Patterson

    Double Triple Star

    If your in a casino that has this Machine $10.00 or higher, I highly recommend giving it a try. I hit a $46000.00 jackpot "not this one" at Aria about 5 years ago. When they hit they pay big as you can see. Best of Luck as Always ?? Boom.
  13. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins Bally

    March/2017 Sunset Depot Casino Henderson NV! $3.00 pull. Jackpot $1532.18 Up $22,500.00 In March 2017 Station Depot Casino.
  14. Jeff Patterson

    Biggest Wins IGT

    Jan/2017 Sunset Station Casino Henderson NV. $3.00 a pull Hand Pay.
  15. Jeff Patterson

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    Hit $6000 on $100 Top Dollar. Red Rock Casino Las Vegas March 2017.
  16. Hello I'm Jeff Patterson... Born, Raised, & Currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm semi retired and enjoy... as a hobby writing commercials, screenplays, & short stories. Studied Acting & Film at the SF School of Arts and wrote my first Stage Play at age 15. Other Hobbies Include; Music, Film & Cars. Proud owner of a Dodge Challenger Hell Cat. I am a Gold Gracie Player at The Venetian, A Diamond Player at Harrah's, and a Presidential Player at The Station Casino's of Las Vegas. Favorite Slots Triple Diamonds, $25 and $100 Wheel of Fortune, & $30 Quick Pick Platinum and others.