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    Jollyhell got a reaction from Gya in The Biggest Boom I've ever seen.   
    314k on a 1.60 bet is crazy but I seen it happen. Check it out on my YT CH. 
    What can I say. Taxes are. Going to be crazy.
    Super thanks to IGT. 
    New slot are making it possible to hit progressive on any bet. 

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    Jollyhell reacted to Mcwinner in Progressive Wins   
    Awesome win! 
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    Jollyhell reacted to Lizzybee in Progressive Wins   
    The Cleopatra win. I was waiting for this hand pay and played the machine above. Just a once in a lifetime night. Thanks Pala Casino!  

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    Jollyhell reacted to Lizzybee in Progressive Wins   
    Played this game and on the third spin it froze and I won 20 grand. A few hours later? The Progressive dropped again. It was unbelievable! 
    There is a Link Progressive above the machine, one pays before 25 grand and one pays before 50 grand as well as machine progressives. 
    This will never happen to me again lol!