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    HughesBlake reacted to The Raja in Stotfest East   
    Thank you so much for coming to join us. Its a lot of work but in the end the smiles on everyone's face is worth any amount of work it takes us.
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    HughesBlake reacted to Refzz in Stotfest East   
    I attended my first live TBJ event at Foxwoods this past weekend.   If you ever find yourself on the fence about going...GO!  It was run incredibly well and everybody had a fantastic experience.  
    What struck me the most was how much work had to go into this event.  Who knew that having so much fun was so much work?  When I go to an event like this, I feel guilty taking up their time even just to say thank you as I know how many directions they are going in trying to get everything done so if I forgot to say thank you I will do it here.
    Now we all know about Scott and Brian and Tee but behind the scenes they do way more then you may think and for the helpers behind the scenes, all I can say is WOW!..They deserve a huge thank you.  Thank you to J Money, Lightning Joe, Kelly, Juicy and others.  There were more and It was such a blur I forget all the names and I apologize for that, but Thank you all!  Foxwoods also did a tremendous job.  Scott had negotiated something like 100 free rooms for the attendees.  WOW!!!  The casino staff were also amazing and well organized to handle the slot tournament and have the machines reserved and ready for the group pulls.    
    Finally, the attendees were amazing people.  Everybody was so nice and positive  It was really a pleasure to meet people.  I kinda knew they would be but it's still nice to confirm that.  TBJ has great fans.  I was looking forward to the cruise but even more so now.     
    Thanks again!
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    HughesBlake got a reaction from BrianOfDenver in The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest   
    1 - $7734.00
    2 - 6
    3 - Turtle Treasure
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    HughesBlake reacted to Freaky Fry in Insulted?   
    I once got a 10 pack of floating frames from my local Indian, after looking at it for awhile, I realized they were factory rejects! (having not putting the mounting hole on the photo insert side, meaning the photo falls out when hung. When I was a higher level players club member, I would get better stuff but there were always ppl that got even better stuff. Having the highest tier (copper) I questioned their gift giving policies and they said it was "just that way". I would get Forman grills up the ass but little old lady would get the plasma TV, made no sense! 
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    HughesBlake reacted to Mcwinner in Biggest Win Ainsworth   
    Just lowered my bet because i was getting low what a win on $1.

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    HughesBlake reacted to 88Fortunes in Hello From Belgium!   
    @HughesBlake I need some luck. These days the casino's eat all my money fast! I have no luck. Maybe in the future i will post a BOOM from Holland when i get lucky.
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    HughesBlake reacted to Skinndogg in Biggest Wins IGT   
    My biggest win ever.  $15 bet.   4000x win. 

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    HughesBlake reacted to ezlife in Biggest Wins IGT   
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    HughesBlake reacted to Shui in Biggest Wins IGT   
    Indeed, I was. The last reel took forever to stop. Even if the last one was a Diamond, it was only a $10k difference.
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    HughesBlake reacted to Shui in Biggest Wins IGT   
    Mega BOOM hit at the Borgata in AC, NJ.

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    HughesBlake reacted to Jeff Patterson in Biggest Wins IGT   
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    HughesBlake reacted to Jeff Patterson in Biggest Wins IGT   
    Handpay Video $100 Top Dollar Hit and Handpay. ? "TAP TWICE TO PLAY VIDEO.
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    HughesBlake reacted to Brewcrew in Biggest Wins IGT   
    5/26/17 Harrahs Cherokee 

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    HughesBlake reacted to James, UK in Huge win online with EnergyCasino   
    Sadly, I didn't think to take any screenshots at the time. I wish I had now!
    However, I have attached a photo of my jackpot win when I was in Vegas in February. It was my first visit to Vegas and I won over $10 000 on Buffalo Gold at the Luxor on a $3 bet. I kept getting retriggers and had collected all 15 gold buffalo.
    If only I could have this luck all the time! 

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    HughesBlake reacted to James, UK in Huge win online with EnergyCasino   
    I'm in the UK and Registered to play online at
    In my first 2 days play last weekend, I deposited a total of £6000. I was down a few times early on which is why I deposited so much. But then my luck changed and I had  lots of good wins. My best single win was a spin for over £18000 on a slot called Thunderstruck! I was in disbelief when it came up. 
    At the end of 2 days play, I cashed out while ahead with £25000, making about £19000 profit! BOOM!
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    HughesBlake reacted to Jeff Patterson in Met The Raja Las Vegas Group Pull   
    Las Vegas Sunday August 27th The Cosmo $14,000 Group Pull.
    Traveled to Las Vegas and met Scott, Brian, Tee, Jeremy, & Kelly. All were very friendly down to earth people with "Class". I watched The Big Jackpot behind the scenes during this event and they really had it together. They clearly work very hard to bring you these live big events.
    Thank you Scott & Crew for a really great Live You Tube Experience ? ??

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    HughesBlake got a reaction from The Raja in $225 Las Vegas Contest   
    Sat 8/26 - $8,537
    Sun 8/27 - $43,920
    Mon 8/28 - $16,180
    Tue 8/29 - $9,232
    Wed 8/30 - $21,510
    Overall - $83,225
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    HughesBlake got a reaction from Jackie Kim in Hello from girl from Oz   
    Welcome on board! Great people here and only getting better. 
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    HughesBlake got a reaction from The Raja in Hobbies   
    Love playing hockey. Play 3-4 times per week at varying levels here in the Chicagoland area.
    Season ticket holder to the Chicago Blackhawks and The Vegas Golden Knights. Let me know if you need some seats! They are both row 1 (not glass - first balcony).
    Have a thing for aviation as well. Love flying/planes/anything aviation.
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    HughesBlake reacted to Jeff Patterson in Hobbies   
    I enjoy writing Commercials and Screenplays as a Hobby. This is my Studio Office. The Movie Posters and Celeb Photos in the back ground have all been personally Autographed by the entertainers, Movie Posters and Pics. My Favorite autograph is from Mr. Jerry Lewis himself. On the floor by the printer.

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    HughesBlake reacted to Bbstarr in Hobbies   
    After I retired ... oh so many years ago... I decided to finally do the one thing I love on a full/part time basis. I am a published author!! I write for my enjoyment and keeping my mind sharp. I have seven books to date that are e-books.  This is fun for me as I enjoy the creativity of energy that swirls in my head on a daily basis. My books are not for the faint of heart as I write murder mysteries. But my first book is not that venue. It is called Men I Could Have Lived Without!!!! I always tell people that you never know if you will wind up as a character in my book.... Happy Reading 
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    HughesBlake reacted to dvandentop in Biggest Win Ainsworth   
    $9105 eagle bucks grand progressive. 1st time playing the $1 denom ones, I was ruinined after that but have hit several other handpays on them
    cant find damn pic

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    HughesBlake reacted to ezlife in Biggest Win Ainsworth