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    Mega Prize $200 Rollover Contest - Day #2

    34275 BOOM!!!
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    Monarch Casino Prize Pack - November 1st

    9260 BOOM!
  3. Susan Klingbeil

    25,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

    $14,595 8 Jackpots
  4. Susan Klingbeil

    Las Vegas - Hard Rock Giveaway plus $100 Cash Bonus*

    $25,595.... if he plays the 250 a pull lock it link, and this machine counts as well, then i say $47, 300.
  5. Susan Klingbeil

    Best Pet Photo Contest!

    Please meet Hank everyone. Love isn't suppose to hurt by the hand of your human, but this baby, Hank, saw the evil side. I am in animal rescue and I just brought this precious baby home and his pain and his tears are real. It is breaking my heart in two. With 7 screws and plates, we pray that this baby will heal. We elected to have Hank see an ortho specialist to try to save this leg, that 2 vets said amputation is most likely the outcome, because he deserves what love failed him. We are over $6000 with emergency room, hospitalization then specialty surgery and we have such a long road to go. If he wins, then I will donate to his care because His life matters. His tears say it all... thank you and please vote for Hank!
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    The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    15760 15 Diamond Queen
  7. Susan Klingbeil

    Best Pet Photo Contest!

    When you are in rescue, you see such sadness. You pick up other peoples throw aways and just add love. Jasper only 4yrs old, actually died in my arms, but after reviving and good vet care and simply love, he will live. Severe heart and lung damage makes him unadoptable, but its a win for me!
  8. Susan Klingbeil

    $225 Las Vegas Contest

    Sat 9/26 - $10,400Sun 9/27 - $27,075Mon 9/28 - $12,540Tue 9/29 - $9,850Wed 9/30 - $15,240Overall - $65,000
  9. Susan Klingbeil

    $100 CASH PRIZE - 20K Subscriber Contest

    Let's do that 5 figure jackpot!!!!! $11,250...BOOM!!