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    About 10 days ago drove by San Manuel so i thought come in to pay my over due Electric Bill. Spent about 3 hours, went home 2k profit. No idea what this game is, it pretty much paid Nothing for a while until these coins flying , hit the Major Jackpot for little over 1k Then later on swing by the HL room and got the $2765 Boom on Eagle Bucks machine.
  2. um... 10k freeplay, TVs, Camera, Luggages, Watch... ect.
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    huh...wait...what? Today is your birthtday? On your next outing, get your BIGGEST JACKPOT to date. Cheers
  4. Howdy from Southern Kali I'm Loser, a Retired Slot Player. Raja ... I said this line alot many moons ago "Never gamble with what you don't have". Too bad i did not patent it. Fine i'll use another line "Don't bring more than what you afford to lose" And of course this is not apply to Players like you haha. Happy gambling Folks
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    Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!

    Since Monty posted $15,853 ===> My guess is $15,854 <=== You gotta do it Scott