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    Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

    Thursday - $8,008.00 Friday - $7018.00 Good Luck! It's going to be BOMB DIGGITY!!???
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    Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

  3. Yolanda


    I think it's funny in a cutsie way when he says,.."I-yi-yi"! My grandmother used to do that when ever she was aching Lol. But to hear him say it is just cool,.. in that it reminds me of her!! ??
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    Thank you ?
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    Meeting the Raja❣ July 2017' ????#Bombsquad #Raja
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    Welcome,...Thank you for your service! ???
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    Hello Monty! Would love to!
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    Hello all you "Bombsquad" lovers! I am a big fan of The Big Jackpot family! I am a Denver Colorado native, and have gambled in Blackhawk, and Central City ever since the opening day (about 26 years ago). I am happy to say that I personally met Scott on the fourth of July weekend. He is a very sweet guy❣ I'm excited to be a part of this forum,...and wish all of you the very best of luck! Now let's all go get those,... Mega Booms!! ?????
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    Favorite game to watch Raja play

    Pharo's Fortune❣But it would be nice to see a Lightning Link being played ?