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    Nicholas S. reacted to Mcwinner in Biggest Wins SG Gaming   
    Locked and loaded slot, "heartland". What a Surprise this was!
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Shavrz Slots in Bellagio Lightning Link BOOMS !!!   
    We made it to the Bellagio for a long weekend and had a good trip, multiple handpays and these
    two side by side on Lightning Link. It is my new favorite new game to Love/ Hate.

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    Nicholas S. got a reaction from HoosierSlots in What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"   
    The fellow viewers of mine, with their great comments above, took the words right out of my mouth. So I will just add that I am grateful for the unique kind of quality entertainment that this channel has provided in the last few months to me and to tens of thousands of other viewers.
    I am sure that many of them would join me in wishing The Raja many happy returns of the day (i.e. Happy Birthday).
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Refzz in Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.   
    Had a nice weekend.  Started with a nice little hit 3 minutes after arriving at Seneca then a few bigger ones.  

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    Nicholas S. reacted to SUNSHINE GIRL in What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"   
    Scott is awesome!  He brings class to gaming.  Brian and T are so much fun to watch as well.  I think we all appreciate the hard work the entire bomb squad/staff does.  It is the best entertainment on the internet!  Thanks to all of you.  Many more BOOMS!
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Luckylindalou in Prayers   
    Prayers to all in Las Vegas.
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Bbstarr in Las Vegas Tragedy   
    Let us pray for the fallen who were so brutally murdered by the lone gunman at the concert in Las Vegas. May they Rest In Peace. May we pray for
    the wounded who were left with the devastation of mind body and spirit of that night. May we pray for the first responders, police, Mets, doctors and 
    all hospital personnel who worked tirelessly to help those in need. Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of everyone
    involved in this most devastating tragedy. May our slot brothers and sisters dedicate a moment of silence to the fallen. 
    If you are in Vegas I please urge you to donate blood.. they are in dire need of blood due to this horrific deed. Please donate. I wish I could. Thank you.
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Shavrz Slots in Oregon Lottery BOOM !!!   
    Had a little play time this morning and hit this nice one on Big City 5's !!!

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    Nicholas S. reacted to LowShow in $27,000 on $5 bet (not mine)   
    Just found this and thought it was definitely worth sharing! !!
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Shavrz Slots in Lightning Link BOOM !!!   
    Last weekend at Klaymoya in Oregon !!! Found a little BOOM !!!

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    Nicholas S. reacted to rollsorferrari? in What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"   
    It's his high level of enthusiasm, along with a level of slot play that very few on YouTube offer. Scott, Brian, T and the rest of the mods bring a level of entertainment that's worth its weight in gold. Also, the added content is great, I mean, who else brings Hugh Hefner onto a live stream? Finally, it's his accessibility. He doesn't shy away from his fans. This forum is an example, he takes the time to not only meet fans in person, but also interact through sites like this. Keep up the great work guys!
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    Nicholas S. reacted to cynthiao in What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"   
    I like the camraderie and the frequency of the visits to the Lodge. Ameristar seems not such good payouts, however it is what it is. I feel each member of the "show" is coming into their own personality, yes the events that have occurred have evolved oddly into inside jokes that I find priceless, win OR lose. Guests are not necessary imho. Ppl love what you started with but that is my opinion only.
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Kyle in What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"   
    This is easy for me.  No one ... ever .... has live streamed this level of play.   I repeat... no one has ever done what he is doing, in the history of planet earth as far as getting live coverage of high limit slot action several times a week.  There are other channels where you see five minute snippets of their bonus round or they do the setup of walking up to a machine and pulling it while it hits (you don't see the 68 times it whiffed).  That is all fine and dandy but to see real, live action is what I find most appealing.  And I find scott rather likable which means I can cheer for him even more than I cheer for most gamblers (I cheer against the casino, it is what it is).  He doesn't shy away from showing his losing sessions because they happen live and he is very good natured even when losing.  You just don't get that with any other channel on youtube and that is what I find appealing.  I like Brian from Denver and T, but I am with Cynthiao in that I am not a fan of the guest trend lately.  Not that I dislike the guests, just not what I am tuning in for, personally..  You don't need to spice it up, we liked what was being cooked.
    Also, I travel quite a bit as a financial healthcare consultant and it makes boring nights in a courtyard marriott somewhere much more bearable.  When I am sitting there watching a news channel and my bell goes off letting me know Scott is playing, I smile and turn off the tv.
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Kyle in Can somebody explain payouts to me?   
    In the case of Scott, his choices are limited in Colorado.  Nicholas S makes great points as well.
    I actually think this is why Scott likes Black Widow so much .. the fluctuation is smaller and when he wants to go out and play, and play at a denomination that is still interesting for someone of his wealth, he doesn't want to lose $20k in quick order and then go home,,,, you want some play time,  So the black widow game for instance, is a game where he rarely seems to get totally destroyed and also rarely just destroys the game.  It is a lower fluctuation game.  
    You play wicked winnings where you can win 6 figures on a hit ... well that means you can lose a lot of money while trying to get it.
    I think there is a jackpot on Widow for all wilds too, though I have never seen anyone hit it.
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Refzz in HOW SLOTS WORK   
    Payback percentages are calculated based on the machine being played for an infinite # of spins for an infinite time period.  I have never heard of the lease period having anything to do with it and I doubt there is a way to tell the machine that moving day is coming soon.   We have all seen banks of machines posted that they will be removed at X date and time.  I've never noticed any pattern of happier people at those machines.
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    Nicholas S. got a reaction from The Raja in Can somebody explain payouts to me?   
    Excellent point.  The way I understand it is that volatility is the main issue here.  The high volatility games, like Wicked Winnings with  jackpots of up to 8,000x bet, can be found only at 1-cent or 2-cent denominations.  On the other hand, the high-limit games have typically low and sometimes medium volatility.  I guess the casinos and the game makers don't think that high rollers are inclined to sit at a machine for an hour or so without getting a substantial jackpot (I don't mean a handpay).  In other words, high rollers tend not to tolerate the long dry spells characteristic of high volatility games.
    I believe that the average payout rate of a $25-per-coin machine is higher than that of a penny machine.  However, this is a different matter from the volatility of a given game.  BTW, I know that this does not quite answer your question, but it's one way to look at this interesting subject.
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Refzz in Can somebody explain payouts to me?   
    So, I have been watching bleary eyed, every moment of the live plays and I just don't get it.  How is it possible that Scott can play so many hours and only have a best hit ever of $65,000 or so...??   
    I have had 2 $10,000 hits playing penny slots for $3 a pull and have had too many to count between $1,000 and $5,000 .  Scott should have occasional line hits at his max bet in the hundreds of thousands.  When I have played $25-$80 a spin I get nothing usually.   
    A really good win is 1000X my bet or higher,  but in high limit play, a really good win is 100X or less.  Black Widow full screen of the ladies is 50X the bet.  It doesn't seem right.  
    I have always been led to believe that the amount you bet doesn't influence the machine but in practice it sure seems to.   I would love to have Scott and Brian sit side by side one night playing the same game and figure out what the average times/bet payout is at $1 per spin versus $100/spin.   
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Refzz in Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.   
    My biggest win wasn't just one hit.  It was the best night ever where I got 7 handpays.  (Canadian Casino though so handpays begin around $600 or so..)

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    Nicholas S. reacted to LowShow in Loving 5 DRAGONS!   
    This game has huge potential! ! 
    I have hit just over 10k on this when I had 4 good 30x hits. A favorite of mine now!! 
    Always go 30x (:
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Tyler Smith in Wicked Winnings   
    WW2 is my favorite game. I have never gone to a casino without playing it. I have never seen bigger then 2c denom personally.
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Coach Tom in Wicked Winnings   
    Any version (they have 4) of a high denomination Wicked Winnings would be cool to watch. Jackpots can be mega Boooms
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    Nicholas S. reacted to LowShow in Loving 5 DRAGONS!   
    Awesome!  Lol the winnings always go back eventually.  I love any games with that reel style of play!
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    Nicholas S. reacted to Kyle in Was a big fan   
    Fair enough.  Since I have no idea why I got banned/silenced, I don't have a lot to offer as a reason for it.  I have been a part of several gambling forums over the last decade and had never been banned before, and I think I have a decent reputation at each of those places.  But I couldn't stay mad at you guys anyway and since you responded and I over reacted, I am back to loving me some Raja Slot Action!
    Look forward to interacting with everyone on the forum.  I am a seasoned gambler who currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I will try and share with the group some of the better places to play and obtain good mail offers, as well as other promotions in las vegas for their trips out here, in between cheering on my favorite slot player and his colleagues, like Brian in Denver.  I will be in Denver around the weekend of October 28th for a wedding and I hope to get up to Black Hawk to not only see the Raja in action live but to get at least one session in on the famous Black Widow machine.  Hopefully, Raja has filled the screen with all wilds and retired from one of the machines by then and hopefully you guys are around and not somewhere else. 
    Enjoy your channel immensely.  No one does live streaming of high limit action the way you have.  No one.   
    See you around and "thank you" to both you and Monty for responding.
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    Nicholas S. reacted to cynthiao in FUNNIEST THING   
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    Nicholas S. reacted to BrianOfDenver in $5 Lightning Link (:   
    maybe Brian of Denver can get some $5 Lightning Link live before Scott takes over one day!