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  1. For the last two years, my favorite slot machine has been Buffalo Gold (Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes). I usually play $4.80 per spin and during this period, I got at least 8 handpays on this game but I never had 15 Buffalo Heads. Finally, a few days ago, it happened and I won $1,100. To me, this is better than a $1,200 handpay because it's tax free. I took a picture of the win but I don't know how to download it. I may have to ask my daughter to help me do it. Speaking of 15 Buffalo Heads, I know that The Raja recently got 11 Heads (on a bar top slot machine) although he rarely plays this game. The Raja is more interested in getting the Grand this year. He still has a few more weeks to do it, but even if it does not happen, he has been very lucky in recent weeks. Here are three examples: $33,000 on Rising Fortunes (is this enough to break BOD's bad luck spell?), $17,000 on the original Cleopatra, and $23,000 on Prowling Panther (with the help of Tee Winn's cheers). Update: A few days after I wrote the comment above, The Raja did actually hit the Grand, not once but twice on the NCL cruise. Congrats, Raja.
  2. Nicholas S.

    Buffalo Gold 15 Heads (better than a handpay)

    If you want to see The Raja get 13 Buffalo Heads and win $8,100 on Buffalo Gold, watch the new video released on July 28 and entitled "$10,000 High-Limit HUGE Live Stream". The bonus starts at time 18:00. Congrats Raja.
  3. This comment only applies to those of us who are lucky enough to come out ahead on a given visit to the casino. In my case, this happens only 15% to 20% of the time. One way to measure your effectiveness in terms of winning is to calculate the ratio of your net winning at the end of the visit to the total of all "substantial" payouts (more on that below). For instance, if you get a good jackpot on your first spin and you leave the casino immediately, your effectiveness would be 100%. The difficult part is to define a substantial payout. For high-limit players, one can define it as any handpay. For example, in the thread by Lizzybee in the section "The Biggest Winners" dated September 11, her net winning was $40,000 and the total of her handpays was $200,000. So her effectiveness was 20%. For other players, one can define a substantial payout as a reasonable multiple of their bet size. I will use my last casino visit as an example. My bet size was typically $5 per spin. So I arbitrarily chose 60 times my bet size as a measure of a substantial payout. By adding all payouts of $300 or more, I came up with the figure $6,000. Since, I left the casino that day with a net gain of $1,500 my effectiveness was 25%. I should admit that this was my highest effectiveness rate to date as it is very difficult usually to keep a high percentage of your winnings (except if you are lucky enough to get a jackpot several thousand times your bet size). What was helpful that day was that I got two handpays. Although I got about a hundred handpays through the years, this was only the second time that two handpays occurred the same day.
  4. Nicholas S.

    A Measure of How Effective You Were on a Winning Day

    At the risk of boring some of the readers, I would like to update my previous comment. On my casino visit last weekend, I was able to surpass my own record. With an average bet size of $5 per spin, the total amount of substantial payouts was again about $6,000 (including one handpay). However, this time my wife and I came out ahead by $2,400. So the effectiveness was 40%. As I mentioned earlier, it's very difficult to reach such a high percentage. Of course there are some exceptions where a much higher percentage can be achieved, such as winning the progressive Grand. One such example can be found on another thread in this section by Refzz entitled "A Christmas Miracle" and dated Dec. 27, 2017. Another example is by Slot Shark Dan ("Eureka Lock It Link GRAND" on July 4, 2018).
  5. Hi, Monty. I didn't know that you are Asian. If you are Vietnamese (like Tee), I am not surprised. I have several Vietnamese friends. They are all friendly, non-aggressive, and they have a great sense of humor.
  6. Nicholas S.

    The Big Jackpot Channel taken down by YouTube!

    I agree with N Camico. Although this development is shocking and upsetting, there is no doubt in my mind that The Raja will rapidly and successfully overcome this nonsensical hurdle as he did in the past. Update: The Raja provided a detailed explanation on June 4. See the video on the Raja Slots channel entitled "People Want Answers and Tonight We Will Share Them".
  7. Nicholas S.

    A Christmas Miracle

    Wow, the Grand!!! Very impressive win both in size ($21K) and in multiplicity (3,370xbet). Congratulations.
  8. Nicholas S.

    Rest in peace Hugh Hefner

    In the last few months, I have seen The Raja interacting with several of his celebrity friends. The one who left the most lasting impression on me was Hugh Hefner. I am glad that I had the chance to observe him closely and I am very impressed by his low-key, unassuming personality. The chemistry between him and The Raja and Tee was remarkable. R.I.P. , Mr. Hefner. Update: After reading the second post by dlharrison, I now realize that it was a trick (I wonder if most people knew that already). Anyway, I can see now why The Raja and Co. have been calling him The Legend. I am not really disappointed because the real Hugh Heffner was probably as nice and down to earth as his double.
  9. Nicholas S.

    True gambling ghost story

    Great stories. It's always nice to read on this forum personal stories about slot machines or table games.
  10. Nicholas S.

    $27,000 on $5 bet (not mine)

    Dream result, indeed. For a minute, I was trying to figure out what the payout would have been if it was The Raja playing at $50 per spin. But then I realized that Wicked Winnings is only available at 1 cent and 2 cents denominations with a max bet of $5 per spin.
  11. Nicholas S.

    Lightning Link BOOM !!!

    Refzz raises an interesting point. A slot machine's long-term payout rate is supposed to be higher for higher denominations. What may be happening in this case is that most of us (except people like The Raja) may run out of gambling-allocated funds before getting a substantial bonus if we play at $25 per spin for a very long time. At lower bets and lower denominations, we can endure the dry spells for a longer time. Update: Yesterday (September 20), The Raja won $6,300 while playing LL at $25 per spin (see the beginning of his video at the San Manuel casino). Obviously it's a matter of luck, but the fact that it was a $1-denomination machine which was probably recently installed may have also contributed to the outcome.
  12. Nicholas S.

    What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"

    The fellow viewers of mine, with their great comments above, took the words right out of my mouth. So I will just add that I am grateful for the unique kind of quality entertainment that this channel has provided in the last few months to me and to tens of thousands of other viewers. I am sure that many of them would join me in wishing The Raja many happy returns of the day (i.e. Happy Birthday).
  13. Nicholas S.

    Can somebody explain payouts to me?

    Excellent point. The way I understand it is that volatility is the main issue here. The high volatility games, like Wicked Winnings with jackpots of up to 8,000x bet, can be found only at 1-cent or 2-cent denominations. On the other hand, the high-limit games have typically low and sometimes medium volatility. I guess the casinos and the game makers don't think that high rollers are inclined to sit at a machine for an hour or so without getting a substantial jackpot (I don't mean a handpay). In other words, high rollers tend not to tolerate the long dry spells characteristic of high volatility games. I believe that the average payout rate of a $25-per-coin machine is higher than that of a penny machine. However, this is a different matter from the volatility of a given game. BTW, I know that this does not quite answer your question, but it's one way to look at this interesting subject.
  14. Nicholas S.

    Wicked Winnings

    I agree. This is one of the most volatile games I have ever seen. The potential for huge wins is insane. For instance, the two top jackpots for WW2 or WW4 are x8100 (Ravens) and x5400 (Money Bags). Of course, the long dry spells can also be extremely brutal. I am only aware of 1-cent and 2-cent denominations for these games. So The Raja would probably not be interested. Maybe Brian would.
  15. Nicholas S.


    This is the second casino (after the one in Singapore) that The Raja exposed or made fun of after he or his employees have been treated in a shabby manner. Obviously, we are being highly entertained in the process. However, if I am reading The Raja correctly, he is also putting the marketing department at other casinos on notice as follows: If you treat me and my employees respectfully, you will be rewarded. If not, you are going to be exposed. In my opinion, this man is a genius.
  16. Nicholas S.

    Loving 5 DRAGONS!

    LowShow: I played 5 Dragons Grand for the first time a few days ago and I like it too. It contains features similar to Buffalo Grand but, as you said, it has the potential for higher payouts than that game. When I tried it, I wasn't as lucky as you, but I won $2,000 with a bonus and several mini-boom line hits (including $800 and $600), all at $5 per bet. Unfortunately, all my winnings eventually boomeranged back to the machine. One day, I have to learn how to stop when I am ahead.
  17. Nicholas S.

    Greetings from Cambridge, MA

    Hello, my wife and I love this channel. We visit Foxwoods once a month. We hope that our Foxwoods visit in July will coincide with that of Scott and Co. so we will have the privilege to say a quick Hi. Update on July 12: Unfortunately, due to a previous engagement, we will have to miss the big event in two weeks at FX. But we will definitely watch it live on YT.
  18. When it comes to big losses, I develop a sudden amnesia. However, I still remember distinctly, 25 years later, where and how much I won on my first handpay. Funny how the mind works.