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    $225 Las Vegas Contest

    Sat 9/26 - $7,500 Sun 9/27 - $12,000 Mon 9/28 - $9,000 Tue 9/29 - $6,000 Wed 9/30 - $8,000 Overall - $ 14,500
  2. rollsorferrari?

    Moneybags - 25 Free Spins, UGH!

    That sucks! Thinking a little about it, I've hit a 5 symbol bonus on an old hot hot jackpot machine, double easy money, $3.00 max bet. All it does is give you more money, no extra spins, however the trigger hit was big (can't remember how much), and if I remember correctly I picked an extra 5 or 600 on the actual bonus itself. A little curse break at least
  3. rollsorferrari?

    Moneybags - 25 Free Spins, UGH!

    Well, I hit the unthinkable last night, 25 free spins on Moneybags. I got the bonus symbol, whale, followed by 3 more moneybags, $1.25 bet, $125.00 trigger win, sweet, definitely not complaining about that. Grand total after 25 spins? $127.30, wow. So, big win but not a big win, I'm not complaining about the overall win, but $2.30 win over 25 spins? Cmon now
  4. rollsorferrari?

    $100 CASH PRIZE - 20K Subscriber Contest

  5. rollsorferrari?

    Moneybags - 25 Free Spins, UGH!

    The 5 symbol curse hit Scott tonight on the live play, ouch! Good question on the 5 symbol pay - Pompeii hits fairly well for the trigger pay, extremely well if in the bonus. I seem to remember seeing a video somewhere of a guy hitting a 5 symbol trigger with the 2 multipliers during the bonus once, talk about a good night
  6. rollsorferrari?

    Omni Casino Giveaway!

    $3,250 21:10 Irish Luck
  7. rollsorferrari?

    Moneybags - 25 Free Spins, UGH!

    That's a little rich for my blood :). I've dabbled in the game, but haven't had much luck to be honest, that was probably the biggest hit I've had to date on it. Oh well, maybe one of these days I'll crack it.
  8. rollsorferrari?

    285 Free Spins - Money Blast

    Ouch! I hate it when that happens, get so worked up for a big win then a whole lot of dead spins.
  9. rollsorferrari?


    Beats me. As a low roller, I don't expect $1,000 comps or free meals in the steakhouse, but I enjoyed taking advantage of the hotel from time to time. Everyone's scaling back, why should casinos be any different?
  10. rollsorferrari?

    Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

    Thursday: $4,800 Friday: $12,500 boom!
  11. rollsorferrari?


    I don't quite get the algorithms casinos use for comps. The local Hollywood send me $10/month for food, and maybe $15/30 a week in free play. My mom, who gambles less, gets about $10/week in free play but more in the form of free buffets and dining credits. Not to mention they used to send me free weekend hotel stays, but recently changed it to just week nights for me, kind of a bummer.
  12. rollsorferrari?

    Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!

    $6,750. Good luck and boom
  13. rollsorferrari?

    What Do You Like About "The Big Jackpot"

    It's his high level of enthusiasm, along with a level of slot play that very few on YouTube offer. Scott, Brian, T and the rest of the mods bring a level of entertainment that's worth its weight in gold. Also, the added content is great, I mean, who else brings Hugh Hefner onto a live stream? Finally, it's his accessibility. He doesn't shy away from his fans. This forum is an example, he takes the time to not only meet fans in person, but also interact through sites like this. Keep up the great work guys!
  14. rollsorferrari?

    Brians multiple jackpot dances

    Sassee Cassie had a great jackpot dance last night, can Brain top it?
  15. rollsorferrari?

    Smaller Oklahoma casinos.

    In a former life when I traveled with work more often, I used to go to Quapaw, OK - there were a couple of casinos around there and Miami, they were...different, that's the only thing I can say about them. Not different in a bad way, just not the kind of casino I'm used to. Quapaw Casino was fun though
  16. rollsorferrari?

    Wicked Winnings

    I've had pretty good luck on the Wicked Winnings series, primarily on WW2 and WW4. The problem with WW2 is that the free games 9/10 times don't pay anything. But that one bonus can have the potential to be absolutely huge, even on a small bet.
  17. rollsorferrari?

    Have You Won CASH/PRIZES Raffles, Door Prizes, Drawings

    I've never won anything big, but my local (back when it was Harrah's branded) used to offer mini games for card holders. You had your choice of games to play, and one was "$100 or nothing" - had to pick the $100 winner from a choice of maybe 8 or 10 spots. Decided to risk it one day and chose that game, and of course won the $100. I keep waiting to hear my name called for a raffle / giveaway, but I don't see it happening anytime soon unfortunately.
  18. rollsorferrari?

    St. Louis Meetup?

    Anyone in, around, or planning to come to St. Louis in the near future? It would be great to meet some fellow gamblers here in town.
  19. Ouch, that stings. I know the feeling, it seems like I'll get a big hit, and then the casino immediately goes back on the take knowing it's their money. It's almost like the casinos don't actually want you to win lol
  20. rollsorferrari?

    Sunday Funday - June 25th Contest!

    $6,000 - #BOOM!
  21. rollsorferrari?

    All the Old School Games with the great graphics

    You jogged my memory with Jade Monkey - that was one of the first games I played right after I turned 21, I don't think there are any left where I live though unfortunately.
  22. rollsorferrari?

    Should we play tonight live?

    If you do go live tonight, you know I'll be there watching! Good luck if you do!
  23. rollsorferrari?

    Best Casino Comps & Rewards

    I'm in the same boat as you. My local casinos give me $20-30 in free play per week generally, plus maybe $10 in food, and a free buffet from time to time. I used to get free hotel nights here in town during either the week or weekend, but have lately only gotten free nights for Sunday-Thursday, but oh well. We had a new casino open in town a few years back, which I went to maybe a month after it opened. I wound up winning close to $1,000 the first night and gave a few hundred back within an hour or so (but still came out WAY ahead :)). Sure enough, I get an email a couple of weeks later from my host introducing himself. About 2 months after that, when they realized I spent at most $100 when I came once every few weeks, I lost my host - but it was nice when I had him, lol. I made sure to take advantage of some tickets to see a magician plus a nice (free) dinner beforehand, knowing that it was just a matter of time before they pulled that away from me.