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  1. Scotty43

    Ask Me Anything! (AMA)

  2. Scotty43

    Ask Me Anything! (AMA)

    I’m not sure what’s around you but go with someone who has lots of experience. You want it to be pleasurable. 🍻
  3. Scotty43

    Ask Me Anything! (AMA)

    My chat and messaging not working since I am in beta testing, hopefully be fixed soon. What casino are you going to for your first visit?
  4. Scotty43

    Beta chat and messaging

    I can’t contact Morgan because my messaging and chat doesn’t work.
  5. Scotty43

    Beta chat and messaging

    I’m using iOS beta test and still no chat or messaging. Just a window showing “loading” stays up forever and I have reboot the app. This has been going on 2 days now. Any help would be appreciated. I did report to testers.
  6. Scotty43

    Free games-what do you choose?

    When you get 10,15,20 or more free games, which option do you choose?
  7. Scotty43

    New member introduction

    Scott from Ontario Canada.