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  1. totaal bonus spin about4q lost it already picture doesnt load up
  2. Porscha

    Bom squad

    Hi can not write in the bom squad ? Says try later? I have try again but didnt get the badge? Still no badge? Also top 10 three times but no badge gues no 50 players
  3. Porscha

    How to join live stream ?

    Hi have tryd 2 too become in live stream but did see nothing. How this works? I push on the pop up message wait few minutes but see nothing? Can somebody helping me it cots me a lot of energie to play this app not good for my health. Does it cost real money? Can you pup out of it ? If you maby win real something must you have PayPal then? I have more questions put new topics thanks in advance gr.
  4. Porscha


    If i change my email adress from the app account it says reactivated do you mean logout login or something else do I lose my level and coins? Must the email adress be the seem as from facebook and app? If you sign up patreon
  5. Hi have an other question if the q betting goes in at live play that for me at 3am but i need my sleep if i play for example in the morning dutch time can I also bet q?
  6. Porscha

    Become paterion ?

    Hi I'm still considering if i can become pateron if i can can I stop the payment every time I will because i must check first if i can effort it ?And how mutch it is in € . I must read thing 10 times carefully because of the language differents. Must you have PayPal? Thanks in advance. Gr.
  7. Porscha

    My Big win :) so sweet

    Good win 🌹
  8. Porscha

    New member introduction

    hi fromthe netherlands
  9. Porscha

    mega boom

    mega boom
  10. Porscha


    Handpay wolf run bet € 6,00
  11. Porscha

    Mega boom

    Mega boom where are the qqq i dont get them
  12. Porscha


    Siberian storm dynasty edition tiger lock respin igt slot. Holland casino breda. The netherlands Unfotunely no profit i had to run away with wolf run € 200 if i head brains
  13. Porscha

    pictures of booms

    pictures of booms
  14. Porscha

    mega boom

    mega boom
  15. Porscha

    animatie boom

    animatie boom
  16. Porscha

    Mega boom

    Mega boom
  17. Porscha

    Mega boom total bonus

    Mega boom and total bonus
  18. Porscha

    Mini jacpot mega booms

    Hi love the app. Waiting for update im not beta. The booms and bonus games comes lesser now pitty. Im dutch. How do you earn reputaton points ? I wish i had a lots off q for the update and i share too people. Have i lot lose in real casino so i can not take pictures of my handpays i have also not taken pictures off that so i can not earn my badge. Last picture off my dog.
  19. Porscha

    Top gammer badge

    By ranking 10 do i dont get the badge? Must you by 1to9?
  20. Porscha

    New member introduction

    Hello im jolanda from the netherlands are there more Dutch people over here.? I love to play is the only night out for me. But i must quit spending now because have health problem and can not work any more. And spending goes faster then saving. Try do enjoy life now eat healty beside chips. The picture is my chihuahua porscha unfortunly olmost eleven years. I love the bigjacpot hope its better then bigfish or huge casino. And the real casino in netherlands holland casino have terible Payouts when play max so i quit for a while and try only look and free drinks because you must go 25 times a year. Have i Nice day.