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    Can’t log in

    Hey Morgan or whoever I can’t log in to see chat and the teams and what not but it let me know my spin was ready when I wasn’t logged in and it lets me play tourneys. I just can’t access chat or teams or my 147 quadrillion or my profile at all. Is there something wrong? Please help!
  2. Nunyab66


    Just wondering if anyone else is having lagging issues with the new iOS update 1.8.8?
  3. Nunyab66

    Can’t log in

    PPS it also lets me see when and who hits jackpots when I’m not on the app
  4. Nunyab66

    Cant buy coins on beta version

    Don’t buy coins just ask someone
  5. Nunyab66

    Can’t log in

    PS it also let’s me see the number of people in chat change and what not. I’m confused
  6. Nunyab66

    Can’t Login into the Raja slot app

    I can’t log in either