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  1. It's not right .play for months to lose it all in a week. I pay to play and be competitive . support the game .and have fun .this continued loosing is not fun
  2. Benny

    Top gammer badge

    Top gammer badge pop's up I click on it .then when I go to my badges it not there. It's happened about 5 times.just wondering.if mistake
  3. Benny


    What is it . bought package .seen no difference in exp
  4. Benny

    New Beta testers

    When does the chat come back it's been a week or so . since became beta tester. Can't chat
  5. Benny

    New Beta testers

    I would like to get in can you send me info
  6. Benny

    New member introduction

    Hey everyone hope you guys are having a great time with this .I am