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  1. Olga Gonzalez

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    My biggest was in March of 2017 at Mystic Lake Casino in Minnesota... I've won my fair share of jackpots but usually $1,600 or under but this particular one was my biggest $10,300.. the cool part was how I won it ?.. I go to the casino at around 9pm with 60 dollars to play ( the most I ever take is 100 and that's even rare lol).. anyhow, my night was one of those nights where you can't win but can't lose either lol up and down all night but never to the point where I should just take my win and run kind of night... finally 3am was around the corner ( I had to be home by 4am because my mom had to head to work, she was my babysitter) I just started playing out of the norm and quickly lost what I had.. on my way out the door I reach in my pocket for my phone to check the time again and realize I have to tickets that I cashed out earlier, one was for $1.85 and the other was for .52 cents lol.. I pick a random machine and stick the tickets in, I didn't have enough for the max bet of 2.50 so I do 2.00 bet.. I got two lines of the lol devil girls lol but nothing lined up but it triggered a respin and that s when I got ravens ??.. in my mind I was like yay I won a couple of hundred dollars but when I saw what I really won I was in disbelief ?.. it happened so fast too.. I was in shock!! I definitely thanked God cause I knew it was him saying " here you go, take the boys on mini vaca lol" !!
  2. Olga Gonzalez

    Hello everyone!!!

    Hi everyone, my name is Olga Gonzalez and I'm originally from Texas but I reside in St Paul,Minnesota. Im a Mother of 3 boys who enjoys going to the casino to play the slots just to relax sum then back to reality lol!!! My favorite slot at this time is Lightning Link but Wicked.Winnings is where I've hit my biggest jackpot yet... Never been to Vegas but plan too one day ( maybe when my youngest turns 18 lol).. I want to thank Scott, Brian and all who share there videos for us to watch, it's definitely helpful to learn what machines give better odds :)..
  3. Olga Gonzalez

    June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    Raja I'm crossing my fingers you take 1st place but my guess is 15th place ?.. Good Luck vibes all the way from St Paul Minnesota!!! ☘☘☘????