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  1. RetriggaMyBrother

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    Some big jackpots have been posted. Mine are small compared haha. I hit $2k on wheel of fortune $5 max bet (took me $110 to hit) at the Nugget in AC and last month I hit $1600 on Double Gold in Cosmopolitan $10 max bet (took me $320 to hit)
  2. RetriggaMyBrother

    Hello From Vegas

    Hola. Aloha. Hello. Hi i'm new to the forum via youtube. There are only 2 slot channels that keep me entertained and TBJ is one of them for sure! I like seeing how the channel and team develops new ideas and pushes it to the next level. I am from the Atlantic City area (now live in Vegas) and was going to make a slot channel back 2015. I didn't, so I live vicariously through The Raj. Good luck to all players. Booms away!!
  3. RetriggaMyBrother

    Hey from St. Petersburg, FL!

    I used to live in St Pete. I miss it (