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  1. I'm sorry my favourite game Lightning Link didn't treat you better...

    But a huge thanks for giving us a big thrill betting amounts we can only dream of!!! You definitely created the biggest buzz and vibe on any slot channel EVER!!!

    Departments where I worked all stopped to take it in lol. Good luck for the future!!

  2. Sat 9/26 - $15680
    Sun 9/27 - $4560
    Mon 9/28 - $5680
    Tue 9/29 - $8670
    Wed 9/30 - $5640
    Overall - $16580

    LIGHTNING LINK pleeeaase and I'll never as again haha (: I just want to see the feature on a big bet. So much potential. 


    Good luck boys from the New Zealand  Bombsquad


  3. Next time you are out venturing into new casinos can you make it your mission (or Brians) to find $1 denom Lightning Link.

    I have seen these on YouTube and the potential is huge!! Plus EVERYONE always asks for Lightning Link so this would definitely satisfy their needs haha.

    Love your work and looking forward to seeing how big this channel grows! ! (: