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  1. Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

    $12,900 Thursday is my guess. $8,900 Friday.Good luck everyone. Win big! The edit was to add Fridays guess
  2. Favorite machine to play and why

    Jungle wild.the original. Won over $12,000 in 4 wins with less than $1000 invested.Per my usual plan. Ran out of the casino like my pants were on fire each of the four times and drove directly to the bank. In Canada, they don't with hold taxes if you are a Canadian Citizen. BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!
  3. What will amount of Biggest Jackpot be July 3rd and 4th?

    $8888 will be BIG JACKPOT!
  4. I think it will be Five Dragons. Good luck Raja, T Brian and the Bomb squad.
  5. Should we play tonight live?

    I think most people answered on the face book page.
  6. Should we play tonight live?

    That's brutal, hope all goes well. Man, who needs that at this stage in life?
  7. Should we play tonight live?

  8. June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    In all good conscience, how could I say any thing but.....First place..... Good luck Raja!
  9. Next Live Play

    120 inches? NEVER watch a porno on that. You will never feel like a real man again!
  10. Tonight's Giveaway - BBQ Set

    It's going to be a good 12,500 is my guess. Good luck raja and team. Looking forward to the big win!
  11. Next Live Play

    I'm thinkin your going to be the winner!

    Here is my understanding of slots, If you had a digital display with say 12 spaces. You could not actually see a number in each box as the random number generator is spinning through the combinations so fast, it would read all eights as in a test pattern. When you hit spin button, it stops the random number generator and you get that sequence. It is preset if it is a winner or not. So if you have to pick a symbol or pick for amount of free spins. Don't feel bad if you get a bad pick. It is all preset when you hit that button. In my Casino, they leased the machines for five years. 97% of the money put in had to be paid out by the time that lease was up and pay the regulated amount. Sooo, logic stated that if you knew when the machine was put in. It would be a good gamble to play it in the two weeks before the five year lease was up. If it had not paid out the percentage, it would have to pay out in the next two weeks. Just like I have seen someone play a machine for 10 hours and never get a large payout is just as common as a machine paying say $15000 twice in five minutes. There is no rhyme or reason. The payouts are set by the gambling rules of the state or province based on how they program the chip. it is 100% pure luck. Some people are lucky and some people are
  13. Next Live Play

    Easy, tonighjt at 7 mtn time June 15 7 PM MTN time