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    Tampa Hard Rock --- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #15 for $1,500

    $10,260.00 please and thank you
  2. $26,010 Good Luck Raja!
  3. Freaky Fry

    Group Pull or meet and greet

    Nelson Stats II, the South Bend location is looking massive, unfortunately or could it be fortunately? (TBD, LOL) it is literally only a 3 minute drive away from the house. You couldn't beat the players lounge buffet, that's for sure I'm up in Dowagiac a few times a month, it's better than NB but then again the machine selection can lack especially when you're going for the newest stuff. (I could see them yanking out the older reel slots on the north side and put simpsons, wonkas, etc in its place.) I have to admit tho, the NB location was spot on a couple weeks ago with the new Invaders/Moolah and Simpsons game(s) turning huge pays. Best of luck! #BOOM
  4. Freaky Fry

    Group Pull or meet and greet

    Anyone up for group pull @ Blue Chip, Michigan City, Indiana or maybe Four Winds New Buffalo, MI? I prefer Blue Chip as the other place can be tight as they have a baseball stadium and other properties to pay bills on. (LOL) If not a group pull, maybe just get together and play some slots and get to know others! I also assume that the NEW South Bend location should be open by fall of this year, that could be another option... That's bad for me, I live less than 5 minutes from that location, d'oh!
  5. Freaky Fry


    I once got a 10 pack of floating frames from my local Indian, after looking at it for awhile, I realized they were factory rejects! (having not putting the mounting hole on the photo insert side, meaning the photo falls out when hung. When I was a higher level players club member, I would get better stuff but there were always ppl that got even better stuff. Having the highest tier (copper) I questioned their gift giving policies and they said it was "just that way". I would get Forman grills up the ass but little old lady would get the plasma TV, made no sense!
  6. I won a jackpot there once, about 10 years back on a nickel machine, they seemed "surprised" someone actually won something. That place was shady back then, I've heard they cleaned up their act somewhat. I've moved from Texas since then but maybe one day I'll go see the Kickapoo folks again... Good for you on the win!!!
  7. Freaky Fry

    Texas Tea! Stinkin' Rich

    You'll get the 5 armadillos on TT, it happens quite often. Stinkin' rich is just awesome, get the bonus and fill it up with wilds and Barbara's, WOOOOOOOOOOO! #Boom
  8. TBH, I don't think I've ever been to a Horseshoe Casino that I liked, won at or even got a decent comp from... No wait, I take that back (loosely)... The one in Tunica, they'd send me free 3 day and meals for 2 the entire stay and like $100 freeplay. I'd take the offer and walk next door to the Roadhouse or Gold something and spend my money there. I did that offer from them like 3 or 4 times. I still don't like Horseshoe.
  9. This was the first day they put this out at Blue Chip Casino in Indiana, I played for maybe 10 minutes and got a 4 wheel trigger... Not bad for day 1.
  10. Freaky Fry

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    My largest with smallest bet was a Colossal 7's type of 3 reel with the additional 2 multiplier reels on a winning combo. I had 8 of possible 9 7's filling the reels with a 5 times 5 multiplier for 25X @ $2 max spin for $7,500.00! (I was on my way to O'Hare airport and stopped at my local Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City Indiana at like 2 in the morning. I went to the Virgin Islands with some extra drinking money! Oh, & I bought a pressure washer when I got back, lol)
  11. Freaky Fry

    Tonight's Giveaway - BBQ Set

  12. Freaky Fry

    Native Casino's or non Native?

    From what I've been told...Native don't follow fed regulations on machines, only tables. Watch out for server based systems (not traditional one micro-chip, one machine) as they can change % at any given time without having to reboot. I also believe that this falls into Class 2 or B gaming (the ones with the bingo game attached) I've noticed as well that the old adage of "Play the machines by the door" fits with Tribal casinos, the hidden, or further out ones are tight(er) and the stand alone end cap type machines seem to payout more with heavier foot traffic. Max bet isn't as good in a tribal as it is @ a non tribal for some reason, I seem to go through a bankroll quicker. Also the ones by the food courts seem to pay better than the ones 40 feet away. I'm just stating what I've noticed from my local Tribal(s) (of which there are 3 different Tribes @ 6 different locations) vs local non-Tribal (7 within my willingness to go to, not including Detroit area) with a mandated 85%+ payback. No matter which you go to, it's about having fun (yeah right)
  13. Greetings! My name is Pete, AKA Freaky Fry, I'm from South Bend, IN and am a member of the BoMbSqUaD!!! I was subbed to the YT channel a long time ago before the fame but YT seemed to delete that sub from my list (along with several others) I'm a max bet, low level slot player, sometimes get daring at the $20/pull but not much past that, well, one time with the "accidental" max bet on a Cleo @ the 10 cent that went for several pulls b4 I realized what I was doing, lol.