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    Big jackpot App

    Hi Just installed the new app. Loving it so far. Just wondering if there may be rewards offered for playing the slot game? Nothing too expensive of course, but it would be a great incentive if regular players could maybe win a free lanyard or wrist band or something? A good way of rewarding play and advertising the channel perhaps? Just a suggestion but would love to see something like this. Thanks
  2. James, UK

    Next live stream?

    Firstly, I have to say that the goings on of the past 48 hours leave me so annoyed. How YouTube can just terminate channels like they have with no justification or evidence is beyond belief. I feel so sorry for Scott, Brian and Tee and hope this is resolved soon. They work so hard to bring us all enjoyment and do not deserve the way they have been treated. Regarding tonight's proposed live stream. Is it still going ahead? Will it be on Raja slots on YouTube or on Facebook? Thanks and best wishes.
  3. James, UK

    Next live stream?

    Excellent news. Looking forward to the live play later tonight. Congratulations to TBJ
  4. I'm in the UK and Registered to play online at EnergyCasino.com In my first 2 days play last weekend, I deposited a total of £6000. I was down a few times early on which is why I deposited so much. But then my luck changed and I had lots of good wins. My best single win was a spin for over £18000 on a slot called Thunderstruck! I was in disbelief when it came up. At the end of 2 days play, I cashed out while ahead with £25000, making about £19000 profit! BOOM!
  5. James, UK

    Huge win online with EnergyCasino

    Sadly, I didn't think to take any screenshots at the time. I wish I had now! However, I have attached a photo of my jackpot win when I was in Vegas in February. It was my first visit to Vegas and I won over $10 000 on Buffalo Gold at the Luxor on a $3 bet. I kept getting retriggers and had collected all 15 gold buffalo. If only I could have this luck all the time!
  6. James, UK

    What is a good online casino?

    I just had some good wins at Energy casino. They are quite big in Europe. They have points you accumulate which can be redeemed for gifts or exchanged for withdrawable cash. Also lots of competitions and tournaments.
  7. James, UK

    Met The Raja Las Vegas Group Pull

    That's awesome to hear Jeff; thanks. I hope that I may be able to come to a meet-up in the future. Just got to save up a bit more first.
  8. James, UK

    Nearly at 21000 subscribers

    As the title says, Thebigjackpot nearly has 21000 subscribers. It is currently 20957. I am guessing it will reach 21000 during today's live play. Many congratulations to The Raja, Brian and T.
  9. James, UK

    Live play today, Saturday

    No problem at all. Looking forward to seeing some big jackpots. The last Vegas trip was amazing.
  10. James, UK

    Live play today, Saturday

    Roughly what time will the live play start today on YouTube? Thanks and good luck.
  11. James, UK

    Live play today, Saturday

    In case anyone else is interested, Scott kindly replied to a Facebook message I sent him. He is hoping to get a little live play going at around 2:30pm PST (depending on travel etc).
  12. James, UK

    $225 Las Vegas Contest

    Sat 9/26 - $11320Sun 9/27 - $4895Mon 9/28 - $7265Tue 9/29 - $18320Wed 9/30 - $13875Overall - $22750
  13. James, UK

    20000 subscribers Live play

    Congratulations on reaching 20000 subscribers! What time will the live play start today?
  14. James, UK

    20000 subscribers Live play

    Brian, is it nearly time?
  15. James, UK

    20000 subscribers Live play

    I'm still awake. No work tomorrow thankfully! It's nearly 3am here in the UK. Looking forward to lots of booms!
  16. James, UK

    20000 subscribers Live play

    Will do. I haven't seen anything confirming a time yet. Hope the live play starts soon. It's nearly midnight already for me in the UK.
  17. James, UK

    $100 CASH PRIZE - 20K Subscriber Contest

    $5925 Good luck
  18. James, UK

    Omni Casino Giveaway!

    1. $7255 2. 13:24 3. Leprechaun Luck Good luck Raja!
  19. James, UK

    Favorite game to watch Raja play

    I like anything with a good interactive bonus. Kitty Glitter, Cleopatra 2, whales of cash, Pharos fortune and my favourite, Buffalo Gold! I would love to see the Raja give Buffalo Gold a really good try at $36 a spin! I know he's tried Buffalo Gold before but it's worth persevering. The bonuses can be awesome!
  20. James, UK

    Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

    Thursday $4280 Friday $5720 Boom! Good luck
  21. James, UK

    Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!

    $5640 is my guess