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  1. James Taylor

    Omni Casino Giveaway!

    $5,200 3:45 Ace Ventura
  2. James Taylor

    Fooxwoods $100 Prize Pack!

    Lets hope its the biggest and most succesful live stream ever... goodluck wish it was possible to attend.... Thursday $62500 Friday $105750
  3. James Taylor

    Wednesday Live Play - Foxwoods Giveaway!

    $17,725 .... lets hope your luck has changed ?
  4. James Taylor

    What will amount of Biggest Jackpot be July 3rd and 4th?

    $17,777 ... i hope its a great couple of days
  5. 5 dragons .... either way aslong as its a winning machine and winning night we will all be happy
  6. James Taylor

    June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    77th is my guess ...... i hope im wrong and you win it but if you dont you'll win big playing live ... good luck Scott
  7. James Taylor

    Sunday - June 11th Giveaway!

    2:25 hope he has a big night
  8. James currently NSW australia favourite casino is crown Melbourne