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  1. Angieinsa

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    $1.50 bet/ bonus Hooters Casino LV
  2. $3.68 bet Lucky Eagle Casino, Tx won $2542 in bonus when babies came out on 7th of 8 spin. Gave me top symbol with 3X line in middle column
  3. Angieinsa

    VGT Wins

    Luck Eagle Casino, Texas $10 dem 1 credit bet $3200. Wonders Never Cease
  4. Angieinsa

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    $1.00 Dem Wheel of Fortune won $2700 with 2 3X and top symbol. On Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas having trouble uploading pics. Will try again
  5. Angieinsa

    Best Casino Comps & Rewards

    The D in Las Vegas will give you Free Rooms, Free a play and Meal Vouchers. Even the resort fees are waived. I also receive Total Rewards offers for free rooms, and their locations are great, right in middle of strip. Also Royal Caribbean Club Royale VIP member, getting ready to go on 2nd cruise courtesy of Casino Royale.
  6. Angieinsa

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    Line hit Walking Dead full Michone with 4x multiplier at $2.25 bet. Paid $2400. Hooters Casino in LV
  7. Angieinsa

    June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    My guess is 22nd place