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  1. brysanders2001

    Mega Prize Rollover - FREE CRUISE GIVEAWAY

  2. brysanders2001

    Wedding on the Big Jackpot

    So Holly Does Slots and I are looking at March 10th, 2018 to get married in Vegas!! Looks like its going to be at the Cosmo! WHOS COMING??
  3. brysanders2001

    Tips to Slotting

    I agree 100%. People seem to think that playing low will allow them to last longer but they seem to never to win and usually go broke after 5 hours of playing...I always set a budget and if I cant get 2 or 3x the amount I walked in with, I will leave...
  4. brysanders2001

    Tips to Slotting

    Ok...I wanted to start a conversation about tips for slotting. Here, if you find anything that can help others than please share it. 1. If you usually play .60 on a machine try 1.20 (x2 on the bet). I know it seems like you will burn thru your money quick but if you are playing to win (and not just be there for time) then try upping your bet. 2. Always play with your players card. No matter the amount you spend, using your players card will help with getting freebies and comps from the casino!!
  5. brysanders2001

    Tampa Hard Rock --- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #15 for $1,500

    After Vegas' trip...I will guess $42,695 if no $750 Black widow....If so then $117,341
  6. brysanders2001

    Best Christmas Ever

    By far, the best Jackpots Wins on Christmas! Check it out!!!