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    New member introduction

    Welcome to TBJ. It is a good family like group. jump in with comments during live play and even though Raja might not mention it we all read them. I look forward to reading any post.
  2. SGOWENS601

    New member introduction

    Steve Owens I live in Roseville Minnesota. I play at Treasure Island or Mystic Lake Both are good in there own way. I have a couple things wrong in my health, but I try to get out a couple times a month.
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    $100,000 Mega Contest - 100 Spins at $1,000 a Spin

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    limited , but loving life

    Hi my name is Steve but I would rather be known as survivor . I have stage 4 COPD and lung cancer. Although it is tough to get out I still enjoy gambling at our local casino's here in the twin cities area. Treatments for my little illnesses have made me blow up like a Macy's balloon. That is why I enjoy TBJ so much and the people I am introduced to are the best. Enjoy every day and each jackpot they really are precious . Keep booming and I will be your best cheerleader . Thanks for reading.
  5. SGOWENS601

    limited , but loving life

    Thank you