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    Big Booms at Sea Contest!

  2. Coach Tom

    Mega Foxwoods Slot Fest Contest!

    Hmm, 24 Jackpots 18,555.00 biggest jackpot 39K in total jackpots Good Luck!
  3. Coach Tom

    Vegas Wedding Contest!

    45 BOOMS and $70K
  4. Coach Tom

    $2000 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #20 (Tuesday 2/6)

    $16,865 Go Raja!
  5. Coach Tom

    Sunday in Las Vegas -- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #14 for $1,400

    $88,208 - because of the $250/pull Lighting Link
  6. Coach Tom

    Mega Prize Rollover - Day #7 for $700 Cash

    Brian, since you are already totaling Raja's booms, could you post them here so we can see how far off we are? Will also be useful to identify any patterns to help zero in to that prize. Thanks for all the contests and fun. -Coach
  7. Coach Tom

    Mega Prize $100 Rollover Contest - Day #1

    $18,000 - Thank you Raja and Brian...this is going to be so much fun! Big Boom!
  8. Coach Tom

    25,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

    10K 10 jackpots
  9. OK Bombsquaders, the Raja and his squad are at the G2E conference with the newest technology, graphics and interface to be used in slot machines. I would like to see what you guys think about all this, and which slots you would like Raja and his squad to learn more about. Here (of course) are some of mine: 1) The 3D technology is definitely getting better. The OLED glass looks sharp and image resolutions appears to have increased. Q: Could you ask someone to explain what they are doing that has improved graphics and the 3D technology? 2) Skill games from the hits that started it all in the 70's- This is a brilliant strategy, because us retired Babyboomers (a large demographic in casinos) think of ourselves as experts at these games, Come on, Galaxia, Pong, Asteroids; you know we all spend thou$ands on these over the decades. Q: I want to know if it is fixed, for example if you keep clearing the asteroid fields ,will the computer send in an un-avoidable and un-destroyable asteroid? 3) The designers know what we like, the machines are bigger, more lines and appear to offer more payouts, but we all know you can program 10 million "nothing spins" no matter how many lines and symbols. 5) I have always loved Aristocrate games (for their bonuses inside the bonus), Brian could you please go over there for a while and show us thier latest games? Raja, could you check out IGT, do they have a new updated Black Widow? Introduce them to the man that put Black Widow on the social media map. 6) I am sadden that most all the manufactures are using the same music, sound effects and voices that they have used over the last 5-10 years. Sound cards have gotten better, they should explore their new computer and sampling technology. . BTW, When I pointed this out to Ainsworthe, they responded that they want specific music and sounds, effects to be recognizable to slot players. I think this narrow self-serving credo has been adopted by 90% of the industry. Why not add new dimensions to the user experience with new space-age sound effects? Q: Find a machine that uses the newest coolest sound effects or surround sound or music that will tantalize players like me that enjoy the music and sounds as much as the video.
  10. Coach Tom

    Las Vegas - Hard Rock Giveaway plus $100 Cash Bonus*

    $22,000.00 But I hope its bigger Good Luck Raja!
  11. Coach Tom

    The Raja Goes to San Manuel Casino Contest

    Of course, growing up as a nerd in the seventies, Magic was one of my hobbies. 1. $10,000 2. 5 jackpots 3. Mega Vault
  12. The Raja and his squad will be soon be attending the Gaming Conference and will tour a Slot manufacturing facility. I thought you BombSquaders might have some good questions to pass on to Raja and maybe we can get some answers from the Slot makers themselves. Here are a few I have: When can we expect to see holograms in slot machines? Skill Machines have problems with the screen sensors, how are you addressing that? How many pulls (pushes actually) are the machines assuming these days in calculating the payout percentage? Do new chips in multi denominations machines have different payout percentages for different denominations and games, or is it all a ruse? Now days, many casinos buy new programs (and chips) to update an old game to a new game, how are manufactures assisting and competing in this trend- do they keep the same RNG?