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  1. If you guess the closest to the amount of the Biggest Jackpot I hit on July 3rd or 4th during live play you will win $50 cash and a T shirt of your choice. Guesses start now and go until Monday July 3rd at 5pm. GO...
  2. The Raja

    Was a big fan

    Kyle sorry to hear about this if you have more info about what happened please let us know. Based on the information you have said not much we can do to assist you on it.
  3. New Contest for this Thursday Night. If you can guess what slot machine in the casino I will play first you will win A free T shirt of your choice. Anyone you want listed on our site One guess per person only guesses on the forum count and if more then one person guesses the same Brian will run a slot roll run off competition live Friday the 30th to see the winner. I will help you all out it will not be the Black Widow or Brazil so be creative and think about all the different games you have seen in the lodge casino for me to play.
  4. Let me know if any locals or people coming to visit have a interest and can set some thing up
  5. The Raja


    For me would be the Dr lady hopefully some one has the link to that video on the group
  6. Brand new machine for more then $5 a spin I couldn't resist starting with it and it sure paid of nicely for me
  7. The Raja

    "Refer A Friend" suggestion

    Thanks for your suggestion appreciate it
  8. The Raja

    $15 Special - Limited Edition 4th of July Raja Shirt

    Yes we have for you and your wife
  9. The Raja

    Should we play tonight live?

    Curious if you want to see live play today? If enough people want it we will play!!!
  10. How many people want to see my battle Brian of Denver in a slot challenge? If you do want to see it what machine would you want to see us battle it out on?
  11. The Raja


    Trish If you watch my live play at the cosmo played several thousand on lighting link at $25 a pull. Didn't have much luck on it. Of course i get excited playing slots why do you think I play them?
  12. The Raja

    Group Pull July 4th Black Hawk Colorado

    I think we can!
  13. The Raja

    June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    I will get 1st Place!!!!
  14. The Raja

    Next Live Play

    So everyone guess when you think the next live play will take place? Curious when you will all pick. Date and time include in your pick
  15. The Raja

    The Big Jackpot Giveaways

    Did you send Brian a facebook friend request yet? If you did and did not get added email him directly at and he will be happy to assist you and make sure your added. Sorry for the delay in getting you on the group.
  16. The Raja

    What else would you like to see the Raja doing?

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to give us feedback for ideas. My take away from this and other things on other places posted so far is the following of interest. 1. See more stuff offered at casinos out side of gambling. Food, pools, spas shopping 2. More behind the scene items about VIP stuff and comps. Some keep limited to just Patreon members 3. Find gal to gamble with us some times to mix it up. 4. More casinos 5. More reviews of casinos and how we like them and why 6. More in the daily life of me Mr Brain and T 7. Better schedule of events and play times 8. Group pulls 9. Brian and T videos Let me know if im missing anything A lot of the above is actually in the works and a lot more bigger surprises are coming but always keep sending us more ideas.
  17. The Raja

    What else would you like to see the Raja doing?

    Thanks for the feed back and for sure cant wait to play for supermanstone again
  18. The Raja

    What else would you like to see the Raja doing?

    T makes it Rain Brian makes it Hail lol
  19. The Raja

    Next Live Play

    So who was the closets to getting the date and time for live play right?
  20. The Raja

    Next Live Play

    Only if you win Gary that's what it will be!!!
  21. The Raja

    The Big Jackpot Giveaways

    Any current contest giveaways Mr Brain?
  22. The Raja


    I play Ice Hockey once or twice a week as well as one of my sons still plays all the time. I also enjoy collecting tax forms from hand pays
  23. I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia but living in Westminster, Colorado now #boom
  24. The Raja

    Bomb Squad

    I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia but living in Westminster, Colorado now #boom