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  1. Mega Prize $200 Rollover Contest - Day #2

  2. Monarch Casino Prize Pack - November 1st

    Gonna be a good win .... $10,550.
  3. Best Pet Photo Contest!

    This, is TC Dog. We named her in honor of the Minnesota Twins mascot TC Bear. 1/2 Mini-Australian Shepard, 1/2 Corgi. She's a fluffy loaf of bread.
  4. Oregon Gamblers

    Just moved to Oregon, wondering if there are any experienced Oregonian gamblers that can tell me what the best or most fun or best perks of the Oregon casino's are. I've been to Chinook Winds, really enjoyed it. Also I heard of a new casino opening just north of Portland in the state of Washington, that is in our driving range also. Thanks! BOOOM!!!!
  5. June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    Unfortunately, he will finish in 79th place.
  6. Is the namesake of BOMB SQUAD a member of BOMB SQUAD? I am speaking of course of that woman in one of your earlier videos of the woman wearing the Bomb Squad t-shirt. That was awesome. AJ here, from Oregon, originally from North Dakota. I suck at gambling, but I keep plugging away. Favorite machines are WMS machines. Favorite casino is Chinook WInds on the Oregon coast, because gambling over the ocean is just pretty awesome.