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  1. Sizzling Slot Jackpots

    What will amount of Biggest Jackpot be July 3rd and 4th?

    $6525.00 BOOOOOOM
  2. Sizzling Slot Jackpots

    Guess what slot machine I will play first Thursday Night June 29th

    Gonna guess the honeycomb game by konami
  3. Sizzling Slot Jackpots

    Hello from Around the World.! Where are you from?

    Hi. We are JenDavJul Slot Jackpots on YouTube. We are huge fans of the big jackpot and am excited for all the things in store for everyone in the future. We are from Milwaukee Wisconsin and enjoy hitting the casinos usually twice per month. We play lower denomination games as well as high limit at times. Lately we are doing more high limit, we've been on a lucky streak for the most part. Anyways we wanted to say hi to everyone and good luck at the casino to scott as well as all the fans on this page.