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  1. $2000 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #20 (Tuesday 2/6)

  2. $2000 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #20 (Tuesday 2/6)

  3. Worst was definitely at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island. Load $6k playing BJ and Baccarat 😩
  4. Graduation Boom

    Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this as the casino would not allow me to. Last year I graduated college in May, and decide to go to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut by myself for the night with the $200 my parents gave me for fun. Little did I know it was going to be a big night. I showed up plan $10 a hand at the blackjack table and was down to my last $50. I went over and played virtual blackjack at five dollars a hand for six hours straight. After those six hours I cashed out at $1000 went and played a $50 hand table, and eventually hit Progressive on the side for $10,000. The casino unfortunately wouldn’t let me have my picture taken. Due to their strict policies. Lesson here is that the matter how much you’re down to you can always make a comeback. But I got the best graduation present that I could’ve asked for. Even gave my parents a little bit of money . I still go to the casino quite often but have not hit anything as big as this while being this low in cash. Never down and never out 💵💵
  5. Saturday in Reno -- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #18 for $1,800

  6. Friday in Reno -- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #17 for $1,700

  7. Tuesday Blackhawk Mega Prize Rollover - Day #16 for $1,600

  8. Next Foxwoods trip for Raja??

    Booked for March 23,24
  9. Tampa Hard Rock --- Mega Prize Rollover - Day #15 for $1,500