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  1. KyleLibiszewski33

    $2000 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #20 (Tuesday 2/6)

  2. KyleLibiszewski33

    $2000 Mega Prize Rollover - Day #20 (Tuesday 2/6)

  3. Worst was definitely at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island. Load $6k playing BJ and Baccarat ?
  4. KyleLibiszewski33

    Graduation Boom

    Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this as the casino would not allow me to. Last year I graduated college in May, and decide to go to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut by myself for the night with the $200 my parents gave me for fun. Little did I know it was going to be a big night. I showed up plan $10 a hand at the blackjack table and was down to my last $50. I went over and played virtual blackjack at five dollars a hand for six hours straight. After those six hours I cashed out at $1000 went and played a $50 hand table, and eventually hit Progressive on the side for $10,000. The casino unfortunately wouldn’t let me have my picture taken. Due to their strict policies. Lesson here is that the matter how much you’re down to you can always make a comeback. But I got the best graduation present that I could’ve asked for. Even gave my parents a little bit of money . I still go to the casino quite often but have not hit anything as big as this while being this low in cash. Never down and never out ??
  5. KyleLibiszewski33

    Next Foxwoods trip for Raja??

    Booked for March 23,24