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  1. Jackie

    Mega Foxwoods Slot Fest Contest!

    26 jackpots Biggest $8650 Total $48,750
  2. Jackie

    Sunday Funday - June 25th Contest!

  3. Jackie

    Should we play tonight live?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Please! Please! Please! I need my "BOOM" fix!
  4. Jackie

    June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    Raja will come in 13th place.
  5. Hi - I'm Jackie from Columbus, Ohio. I am a retired nurse and I typically gamble at the Hollywood Casino here in Columbus because it is only about 10 minutes from my house. I am hoping eventually to move to Las Vegas due to the better percentage paybacks and lack of a State or City Tax. When I hit a handpay here in Ohio, a huge chunk goes directly to taxes, and it is very frustrating.