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  1. Jeffry Atkins


    Good luck with the channel!
  2. Jeffry Atkins


    Came in with a bang, huh ? Welcome.
  3. Jeffry Atkins

    Random Slot Machine Wins all Makers.

    So many booms... this is a minefield . Congrats, all! Wish I had something as good to share... maybe one day :).
  4. Jeffry Atkins

    Hi from Massachusetts

    Hey, welcome! Nice wins ;).
  5. Jeffry Atkins


    Is anyone else devoid of any superstitions whatsoever ? I tend to ignore, be it related to gambling or not.
  6. Jeffry Atkins

    What is a good online casino?

    Might be a little late to the party, but suggestions are always welcome, right? One peculiar site I kept hearing about and started trying out with a friend is It piqued my interest because it has quite the wide array of games, from slots to card games and even board or arcade titles, not just the typical ones you would expect from a casino, so it was a refreshing surprise. Then we also saw that they put having fun first, so there is some special currency you use, which is also quite interesting as it takes away some of the bigger concerns whenever cash is involved, be it putting it in or withdrawing. Anyone here played there / has opinions on it?
  7. Jeffry Atkins


    I've just got my registration confirmed and here I am, eager to explore and post around here. See you around!