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    Lightning in a bottle

    This happened next to me while I was playing. Never say never. Look at the denomination and bet size. I will not ruin for you.
  2. DoubleDownJT

    Albuquerque Jackpots

    Here are some more of the recent jackpots I have hit.
  3. DoubleDownJT

    Albuquerque Jackpots

    Hello I have been watching Raja for awhile now and I am a huge fan. Last night's live stream had me thinking of my biggest wins in terms of bet x win and I figured I would post some of my cool hits. I live and play in Albuquerque so the majority of our machines here are penny slots but I have hit jackpots on tons of them. If you guys are interested in these I will post a lot more. I like sharing what is possible especially on the lower denomination machines! So here are the hits: Wicked Winnings II - $2.50 bet to win $4,500 is an 1800x win
  4. DoubleDownJT

    Albuquerque Jackpots

    I could not upload multiple pics in the original post so here are the others: Forgot the name of the slot but its the giant circular one 6 machines and giant roulette wheel on top. $5.00 bet to win $12,105.30 is a 2421x win Dangerous Beauty was a $10 bet to win $10,000 is a 1000x win was a cool hit full screen of wilds and the second Konami full screen of wilds was odd because I hit it about 20 minutes after the $10k hit and that one was a $12.50 bet for a $2,500 win only 200x but cool to hit 2 full screen of wilds in the same session!