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  1. Amersalhi

    My Biggest Win So Far

    Very lucky day at Golden Nugget in Louisiana, $25 machine and I put $1000, down to around $6ish and I hit this, was playing 1 credit hit, $18,000, couldn't believe it lol
  2. Amersalhi

    3 Jackpots Last Night

    So I was bored after work last night and decided to hit a casino in Opelousas, Louisiana called Evangline's down, I invested $500 and got 3 Jackpots, $1200 on $5 machine max bet $25, $1200 on $1 machine betting $24, and $1600 on $10 machine betting max $20, was a lovely night, BOOoOOoooOOOOooooM!!!!!
  3. Amersalhi

    2 Jackpots in a row

    small casino in Opelouses, Louisiana called Evangline's Down, on 5/4/2013 I won 2 jackpots in a row, $5 machine max bet won me $1800 and $25 single credit won me $1250
  4. Amersalhi

    25,000 Subscriber Giveaway!

    $8790 4 Jackpots