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  1. Wayne In Elgin

    June 21st - The Lodge Casino Slot Tournament Contest

    9th place
  2. Wayne In Elgin

    What else would you like to see the Raja doing?

    Hi Guys really enjoy watching all the videos also the live play just keep up the good work and we will all keep watching im trying to save up to come visit you guys but it will be awhile most of my cash go to medications Ive had a few heart attacks and open heart surgery while I was in the hosp I had all the Nurses and Docs watching your videos with me Id also like a video Tour of one of your weed shops I find it very interesting ive been a weed smoker for 55 years cant wait to visit Colorado its on the ole Bucket list well guys keep up the good work thanks wayne
  3. Wayne In Elgin

    Next Live Play

    Hi Guys next live play will be 6-16-2017 at 11 am